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On Thursday, my wife asked me if I wanted to ride my bike to take women to school. I hesitated and said go, but didn’t want to ride.

When I hesitated, I thought I was going to Carkeek Park, where I fell on my bike . I can send her off, but I have to rush home for a meeting with the team. If I fall again because I’m in a hurry, it will be embarrassing. Just drive.

By the way, if you read my article ” Homeschooling in the New Semester ” a few weeks ago, you might ask, isn’t it homeschooling? Why are you still in school?

Homeschooling is not fake. But at the child’s current age, they can’t always stay at home and learn those books. Nature is a big book, and children had better not miss this lesson. We found a few like-minded families, and we found two teachers together. Three or four days a week, we took our children to the park, forest, seaside, and to study in nature. It can be said to play. I personally wish they were happy.

Storm and Alt

In the process of choosing a teacher, I only recorded one article, which was the interview with Storm . It’s also because I don’t contribute much in this matter, and it’s all my wife who manages it and spends a lot of time and energy.

Storm later became his daughter’s teacher. Storm later recommended his friend Alt to be his son’s teacher. Storm takes care of the older kids and Alt takes care of the younger kids. These two small classes are called Pods. There are only 5 or 6 children per pod. The classroom is the wild. The pickup for both Pods is at the same location. The two teachers sometimes do activities with the two pods together, but usually only at the beginning and end of the day. Separate at other times.

To ask, what can I learn in the wild with Storm and Alt, I don’t know. Storm and Alt both seem to be quite different and belong to people who love nature. All have participated in field survival training. It must be very different from someone like me who has only known reading since childhood.

Anyway, since going to school, my daughter has been very happy every day. Son too. Well, taking the opportunity to send my daughter, I also want to open my eyes to see what features Storm and Alt’s outdoor teaching will have.

stone and bone

When I got to the park where I met the teacher, I saw that everyone was almost there, greeting each other. My daughter and I seemed to be the last to arrive.

Storm and Alt have two blankets on the floor, around which the children are watching.

My daughter glanced at the blanket, and Ma Shan told me to go back to the car. I opened the car door by remote control, she went and came back, an extra thing came out in her hand. Take a closer look, it is a stone. It turned out that their theme today is stones, and everyone should bring a stone to share with you, and then learn about stones together. Storm’s blanket already has several stones of various kinds, and every child brings at least one. Some children were originally stone fans, and even brought a large box of their own collections to show to everyone. Storm prepared several stones himself, which he borrowed from his stone-loving friends. Some rocks have to be thrown into the water.

In addition to stones, there are mushrooms.


Alt’s blanket is actually cooler, with stuffed animals, like a hamster. In addition, there is an animal skeleton, sea otter sea otter, including skull and ribs. Coincidentally, a child in the Pod happened to go camping on the weekend, and also saw the skull of an animal, and brought it to share with you. It seems that the children’s class needs to learn about animals, from bones to specimens. I was so attracted to these things that I almost forgot to say hello to other parents.

But after saying hello, I forgot to take a photo of Altdu’s blanket.

I don’t know anything about these. I even wanted to skip class and went to class together.

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