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The family should be neat

Today is a day to remember.

On September 30, 2022, our whole family went for a run together.

This was the first time our family ran together. I am very happy.

how did it start

With the start of school in September this year, both daughter and son left the public school system and started home school. Well, their activities, as parents, we have to arrange.

So we started inviting our son and daughter to join us for a morning run. The daughter was very happy and agreed to run together, but the son did not.

The daughter has been running many times over the past few weeks. We also deliberately recorded her running, and now she can run about 6 kilometers per week. When we go out for a run, we naturally cannot leave our son at home alone. He let me push in a stroller. We ran and he sat in the cart and went with us. Sometimes, his children eat in the cart, enjoy the scenery, and receive greetings from pedestrians, which is very comfortable.

Yesterday, I went to send my daughter to school. After I came back, my wife told me that my son went for a walk with him, and he ran barefoot. I gave him a high five to celebrate! He ran a total of one mile, or 1.6 kilometers, which was a good first run.

This morning, I didn’t have a meeting either, so my wife suggested that we all go for a run. Of course I’m fine. Then the daughters and sons responded one after another and wanted to run together, which would be great. However, this time, my son put on his shoes: I ran back barefoot yesterday and felt pain in my feet. My daughter wanted to go out for a run barefoot, but my wife suggested that we should run for 15 minutes. If we kept barefoot, the time would be too long, so my daughter did not insist.

The second time I ran, my son was still very excited. He was running around in a twisted way, as if he didn’t know how to work hard. Running and running around in circles, there is suspicion of playing tricks. As a result, I fell down twice before I ran honestly. At the beginning, he was able to lead in front, but later fell behind his sister and mother, always shouting to let mother wait. I always run behind him and stay with him, so that he doesn’t feel alone, and by the way, I record distances and times with him. He could keep running without stopping. Although he ran out of breath afterward, he insisted on holding my hand and running with me. Daughter and wife ran a little faster than us, opened a distance, then ran back, joined my son, then ran again, opened a distance, and then came back.

I can clearly feel my daughter’s progress. When she ran a few weeks ago, she couldn’t run for 15 minutes in a row, with several breaks in between. Now run with my mother, not lagging behind at all.

In the end, the whole family ran together for 15 minutes, and my son and I ran 1.8 kilometers. My daughter and wife ran more than two kilometers because of the round trip.


how did it start

In 2016 I decided to run every day for the rest of my life.

At that time, the daughter was over a year old and the son had not yet been born. I often use a stroller to push my daughter out for a run. Later, when my son was born, I often took him to run, also in a stroller.

When I push my daughter out, she often falls asleep halfway through my run, and I often use this trick to coax her to sleep. Pushing his son out, he was reluctant at first, but he didn’t resist when he grew up. Moreover, he only slept occasionally, and the rest of the time, he always looked around with his eyes, as if looking for something. When encountering wild ducks and wild geese, or watering the grass, I must stop and let me go after seeing enough.

Later, they were not afraid of sitting in the cart, so they wanted me to push and run together, and I pushed too. As the two of them got bigger and bigger, they couldn’t sit side by side, they sat back and forth, sometimes arguing about who was in front and who was behind. The weight of the two of them also increased, which made it more and more difficult for me to push, and the cart began to creak. But I still push the two of them to run together whenever there is a chance.

Why do I love running with the two of them so much? Because, I always think, let the children watch their daily clothes and exercise, then one day, they will join me. Even if you don’t join in, at least you will feel that exercise is a normal thing in life, and you will not be unfamiliar and resistant to it. I want them to feel the peace and joy I get from running. In this way, when they need or want to pursue such feelings and moods in the future, they can remember that running is a way of life that they can try. I want to use the habit of running to imbue them.

Those who are close to Zhu are red, those who are close to ink are black. Words are worse than deeds, I think so.

It can be said that I haven’t run a day since they can remember.

However, even so, the idea of ​​running with Dad, I guess, never entered their minds.

Things have taken a turn since last year. The turning point is that since last year, my wife also started running.

Mom started to run, which caught their attention more than Dad. Mom wasn’t with them when they ran. Children always seem to be more concerned about their mother’s behavior. Especially when my mother is not at home, it used to be rare, but now it happens every day, which is amazing. It may be that they are reluctant to leave their mother for a moment, so when the mother goes out for a run, they all follow together. So, I have to follow. Sometimes they followed on bikes, and sometimes I pushed them along with a cart. Later, they gradually got used to the fact that my mother also went out for a run every day, so my mother ran and they accepted me to accompany her. Later, it gradually became that my parents went for a run together, and they could accept it at home. Accepting it doesn’t mean liking it.

Every time we go out for a run, they both call. Sometimes the phone doesn’t work, and they’re not happy. The two of them have been at home alone many times, but they still don’t like it, and they still want to be with adults. So, when we see the time is right, we send an invitation to the two of them, why don’t we go for a run together?

So, there is a daughter to start running together.

So, there was my son’s first morning run.

So, finally have this first family run.

As the saying goes, the beginning of everything is difficult. With this beginning, there will be more time for the family to run together in the future.

Near Zhu Zhechi

I said earlier that when I was a father, running, it had no effect on the two of them. This doesn’t seem to be necessarily true either.

When I came back from a run today, my son drank a lot of water while holding a water bottle. Then he went into the living room, picked up the little dumbbells I used to work out on the floor, and started doing arm bends. Although the posture is not very standard, but the demeanor is focused and serious, which is very similar to that, which makes people laugh.

I quickly said, don’t wait for me to practice together. He replied, I am training my arms. I want to build bigger muscles. The daughter added fuel to it and said, “When you grow up, you must have a big muscle!”

The son was very happy to hear it.

I am also very happy to see him.

For the past 100 days, I have been doing some calisthenics at home. When I was practicing, the two kids were drilling around beside me. When I do squats, I get dipped under my body, I get on my back when I do push-ups, and I press my feet when I do sit-ups.

Ha ha! I read “[The Resistance Training Revolution]” a few days ago. The book said that the best gym is to get a corner at home, get some equipment, and practice by yourself. One of the reasons is that it can be an example of exercise for your family and children, help others realize the benefits of fitness, and attract them to practice with you.

This statement is true!

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