New tires for Model 3

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Overdue original tires

This set of original tires (if you don’t count the right rear tire that was scratched less than half a year ago, and had to be replaced with a new one), I have been driving for 3 years and 11 months, with a distance of 88,000 kilometers. During the period, I didn’t even do a tire rotation, because every time the service center said it was not necessary. Until the last time I went to check the tires routinely after hitting an unknown object on the Fifth Ring Road, the service center told me that I could change the tires when I drove to 90,000 kilometers. Even so, the two conclusions on the service sheet regarding the recommendation of “replacement of tires” and the recommendation of “rotation of tires” are still “no”.

Coincidentally, before that, I occasionally felt that the braking distance became longer (in view of the rear-end collision, this feeling is not credible), and after receiving the tire replacement suggestion, I felt that the tire noise also increased, and even the speed of the vehicle increased. Don’t dare to go too fast. During the period, I even asked the old driver to check for me to see if the tires needed to be replaced immediately. The old driver said that the degree of wear is not bad, except for some slight cracks on the side, but it does not affect the use. Even so, as the mileage gradually increases, changing tires is on the agenda.

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