New work preview for September 2022

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The Last of Us Part I

New work preview for September 2022

2022.09.02 / PS5

New work preview for September 2022

“The Last Survivor” is an open-world action-adventure work. The original game exclusively landed on the Sony PS3 platform in 2013. It was produced by Naughty Dog, a first-party studio that works slowly and carefully. The first new IP released after the series. The original game in 2013 was definitely a drain on the PS3, and the next year the high-definition re-engraved version landed on the PS4, and now this classic has been reborn again.

The players have created a chilling apocalyptic scene. The outbreak of some kind of biochemical disaster caused humans to be transformed into zombie-like aggressive creatures, but the remaining human survivors obviously did not “obediently” twist into a rope, but split into A large number of small groups against each other; in this post-apocalyptic setting, Joel and Ellie, the young and old protagonists, embark on an adventure with special missions and choices.

This work uses the new technology of “The Last Survivor Part II” in 2020 to fully remake the first work, not only to unify the “Part” suffix in the series title, but more importantly, to make the two generations separated by 7 years. The connection is closer. Based on the deeper excavation of the world view of The Last of Us, the development team has made various corrections to the original game, ranging from technical details such as light and shadow to the reshaping of some important characters.

Isle of Arrows

2022.09.08 / PC, Mobile

New work preview for September 2022

From Daniel Lutz’s solo indie developer Gridpop, the former creative director of Square Enix Montreal’s Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO, focuses on making elegant, abstract puzzle games. Gridpop’s first product is “Deco: Minimalist Design Puzzle”, which will land on the mobile platform in early 2021. It is a refreshing and moderately challenging board game. After almost two years, Daniel took out the more addicting new tower defense work “Arrow”. island”.

This work continues the minimalist design style that the developer is keen on (you can go to his homepage to feel it ), on the basis of the tower defense gameplay, it adds random building placement and map expansion: players can pass the level in the randomly generated level Choose the items you need from the rewards, there are defense towers with different functions, and there are plots for expanding the scene – it feels a lot like the “Mini Metro” in which the cars, bridges and the like are regularly rewarded. In short, It is necessary to study strange situations, plan the position more efficiently, and some luck, which also brings some compound and repeatable fun.

NBA 2K23

2022.09.09 / PS4, PS5, X1, XS X|S, NS, Mobile

New work preview for September 2022

The basketball-themed New Year merchandise released by 2K is still developed by the Visual Concepts studio responsible for 2K’s WWE and NBA series in recent years.

There is an important topic in the player community of this series, that is, the choice of cover players. Here we will also briefly discuss the situation of “NBA 2K23”: the cover star of the regular and digital deluxe editions is the Phoenix Suns shooting guard Devin Booker; Whenever the number “23” is in the title of the game, 2K invited the legendary star Michael Jordan, who was once known as No. 23, and launched the Michael Jordan version and the collector’s championship version with him on the cover; The Dreamer Edition version features J. Cole, known primarily as a well-known rapper and actually a top professional basketball player in Africa and Canada, on the cover.

Of course, there are in-game counterparts to these special covers: Jordan Challenge Mode is back, and for the first time since NBA 2K11, which also features Michael Jordan as the cover star, players will be able to look back at the trapeze’s career. With the support of contemporary development technology, the filter of this mode will be very close to the screen effect of live TV in the past; J. Cole will play an important role in the role-playing MyCareer mode, and J. Cole belongs to Dreamville. Artists such as Elite and Bas will also accompany players.


2022.09.09 / Mobile

New work preview for September 2022

Konami’s new IP “Yu-Gi-Oh”, which landed on the mobile platform earlier this month, focuses on online four-player battles. According to’s interview with the producer and related promotional content, the gameplay of this game is very different from the usual “Yu-Gi-Oh” card game. It is not simply deleted and improved based on the classic OCG rules, but a table for four people is designed. The symmetrical board, turn-based gameplay, each player has three monster card placement areas on his own field, which lead to the fields of the other three players. The summoned monsters will attack along the connection between the fields, so players need to pass the Monster effects, magic and trap cards and other means to defend against attacks and reduce other people’s LP to 0.

If you are familiar with the game adaptation of “Yu-Gi-Oh”, you should be able to guess that this work still plays the emotional card. We can see the four signature characters of the series and their respective ace followers on the main visual map. There are still a bunch of characters and cards in the game waiting for players to pay and draw, and the currently installed monsters are all modeled; correspondingly, the community has also reported complaints that krypton gold is highly positively related to strength. Take what you need.

Splatoon 3 / Splatoon 3

2022.09.09 / NS

New work preview for September 2022

After five years of waiting, we finally got the third generation of the “Sprague” series. It’s a pity that it didn’t launch with the next-generation NS hardware as the author first expected. Now we will expect this opportunity to belong to “Sprague-Dawley”. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

For readers who are not familiar with the series, the main gameplay of the “Sprague” series is third-person shooting, but the gun is not filled with bullets but ink. The ink is not only used to kill the enemy, but also used to cover the scene. Players can sneak and swim in their own ink, while standing on the enemy ink will make it difficult and continue to take damage; each generation of this series has single-player and multi-player modes, of which the multi-player mode is the work of each generation. The core driving force that has been active for 3~4 years, including a variety of PvP and PvE rules, a battle that averages a few minutes is usually full of fierce head swaps.

The new work not only brings a new single-player campaign mode, but more importantly, opens a new round of operation cycle for multiplayer mode. Based on the second generation, this game continues to improve the multiplayer battle experience. It not only routinely expands maps, weapons and equipment, and skills, but also upgrades festivals and part-time work gameplay. It also benchmarks “Overwatch” and “Apex Legends”. Other well-known multiplayer shooting games have been improved, including but not limited to modifying the ranking mechanism, optimizing the matching waiting experience, adding a spectator mode (finally…), etc., the network warfare infrastructure of “Sprague 3” is in line with the contemporary mainstream. closer.

Since the author has already cleared the “Hero Mode” of the single-player campaign (the hidden level has not been completed), I would like to mention some personal feelings at the end:

  • The hero mode of this game obviously continues the design style of the previous DLC “Octo Expansion”. It has high requirements for players’ combat skills and proficiency. The overall puzzle solving is not bad, and it is still a qualified multiplayer mode “military training”, but Some high-difficulty levels are demanding and very patient, and it is very boring to do it for too long;
  • Criticize the boss battle and the plot. Personally, I feel that except for the final boss battle, there are some new surprises, and the rest of the boss battles seem to be too “processed”. The author did not upgrade the hero equipment throughout the whole process, and did not feel much fun in the challenge, and the plot is even more It makes people feel puzzled, the disappearance and return of the big catfish is very mysterious, I can only understand that it has left considerable imagination space for the DLC.

In short, the activity of “Sprague 3” has just begun. I hope Nintendo will spare no effort to optimize the network so that we can play with more confidence.

The DioField Chronicle

2022.09.22 / PS4, PS5, Xbox (Smart Distribution), NS, PC

New work preview for September 2022

It was first announced at the Sony State of Play event in March this year. It was developed by Square Enix and Japanese small and medium-sized manufacturer LANCARSE. The latter has a lot of outsourcing development experience. Strange Journey)” and responsible for the combat part.

This game mainly focuses on the strategy war chess gameplay, and focuses on the promotion of the strategy mechanism called “Real-Time Tactical Battle System (RTTB)”. That faction is similar. Since the official focus of the publicity is on combat gameplay, and a demo demo is also provided, interested players may wish to try it out directly.

Serial Cleaners

2022.09.22 / PC

New work preview for September 2022

A sneak action game from a top-down perspective from the Polish independent developer Draw Distance. The theme is as the name suggests. Players will play the role of professionals who specialize in cleaning up murder scenes. They will use the special skills of different characters and implement their favorite action strategies. Find and clean the evidence in the room scene, and at the same time avoid the police and get out. This is the second part of the series. Compared with the previous work, the original title only has the “S” at the end of “Cleaners”. The gameplay framework is also highly consistent with the previous work, but the picture style has been upgraded from a 2D comic style to a 3D realistic style. It should provide more immersion than its predecessor.

Shovel Knight Dig / Shovel Knight Dig

2022.09.24 / PS4, NS, PC, Mobile

New work preview for September 2022

The well-known sideboard action series “Shovel Knight” was born in 2014 by Yacht Club Games, an American indie developer with serious nostalgia complex. The previous works in this series have adopted the audio-visual style of 8-bit console games. “Shovel Knight Digging” is a new look. It has been jointly developed by Nitrome, an independent British developer who focuses on pixel style, and this game has “become” 16 -bit games. In addition to a richer audio-visual experience, this work also enables the Roguelike gameplay framework, allowing interested players to repeatedly challenge procedurally generated dungeons with various tricks, gradually upgrade skills and equipment, and meet new and old friends in the “Shovel Knight” universe for a while.

Confinement Survival / Grounded

2022.09.27 / Xbox (Smart Distribution), PC

New work preview for September 2022

After more than two years in the early access mode, the survival action game “Confinement Survival” from Obsidian Entertainment will finally release the official version this month. According to the development team, as of February this year, the game has been absorbed. 10 million players.

According to relevant interviews, the development of this work started when Obsidian released “Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire” and was acquired by Microsoft, and received “Honey, I shrunk the child.” , I Shrunk the Kids), “A Bug’s Life” and other films. Compared with just 20% of the planned and designed content when it was first released, more than two years of updates have made “Confinement Survival” greatly improved. Taking advantage of the release of the official version, the development team will also add a new area courtyard in version 1.0, and Bosses such as Orchid Mantis and Black Widow have more equipment updates and interaction optimizations.

Finally, a popular science for uninitiated readers: If you have Arachnophobia, but are still interested in this game, you can experience it with confidence, because the game has a built-in setting option to cartoonize spider limbs.

Norse Goddess Elysium / VALKYRIE ELYSIUM

2022.09.29 / PS4, PS5, PC

New work preview for September 2022

The “Nordic Goddess” series was founded in 1999. The four previous works in the series were all RPG gameplay (including a mobile game launched in Japan in 2016). When it comes to this game, it can be known from the relevant interviews with the producer that the team clearly Wanting to seek changes and innovations in the first reboot after 14 years of the main series, they enabled the new title suffix “Elysium”, and boldly abandoned the very recognizable command combat mechanism of the “Nordic Goddess” series and replaced them with them. After the investigation, I believe that the ARPG gameplay that is more in line with the trend, along with the 3D display of the screen, can indeed make people look forward to the future growth of this series, but whether it can stand out in the huge and mixed ARPG category, it remains to be played by players of this generation. test.


2022.09.30 / PS4, PS5, X1, XS X|S, NS, PC

New work preview for September 2022

Soccer and basketball come together this month, and this soccer game from EA will also be available at the end of the month. Just like the classic Chinese New Year’s game, this game continues to polish the technology and expand the content on the basis of the previous generation: the first women’s football club was introduced, the Hyper Motion technology based on motion capture data machine learning and debugging actions was improved, and more realistic tactics were added. action, etc.

Due to the expiration of the brand cooperation between EA and FIFA, the series will be renamed “EA SPORTS FC” from next year. I don’t know who will be authorized by FIFA next.

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