Nexford University secures $8 million in Series A funding

Nexford University is a distance learning platform that aims to shape the diverse learning needs of the new era through distance learning models, while taking into account the prestige of traditional universities. Experience teaching content that is fully adapted to future work, and the entire experience is designed as a learning-as-a-service model. Nexford University recently announced that it has raised $8 million in Series A funding, led by New Markets Venture Partners and Learn Capital, two well-known educational technology venture capital firms in the United States. Other investors include Learn’s Emerging Markets, which is backed by International Finance Corporation (IFC). Fund, Bisk Ventures, Global Ventures, Future Africa, UK investment firm AMK Investments and Future of Learning Fund. As part of this funding round, New Markets Venture Partners general partner Jason Palmer and Learn Capital managing partner Greg Mauro will join Nexford University’s board of directors.

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