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As an amateur player who loves to toss the theme, since I bought this Theme, it has been a long time since I have made drastic changes in it. A while ago, I found that DinevThemes, the site of the theme creator, could no longer be opened, and there was no hope of updating the theme. I felt that this tossing road was coming to an end. The recent AI revolution is coming, and all kinds of jobs that humans participate in are at risk. After trying out Bing Chat, almost all information collection feedback does not require people to jump out of the chat interface. I deeply feel that Internet traffic will be concentrated in a few AI platforms in the future. In the future, questions such as Netgear router area selection and Garmin dial recommendation will most likely not be common search keywords here. Fortunately, this private land does not care so much about traffic and readers, and self-admiration is also a form of existence. Almost everyone is concerned about which industries will be replaced by AI in the future, and which hard-core industries will still stand firm. My first reaction is, no matter what, AI should not be needed to help me write a blog. So I put a badge in the footer last night to explain that written by humen, not by AI ?

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