On Fernando Pessoa, Mourinho and the Ideal Podcast

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I recently revisited the house of my favorite Portuguese author , Fernando Pessoa , took a good look at the collection of his private library, and once again marveled at his amazing reading volume. More than 1300 books covering literature, history, medicine, science, geography, politics, as well as astrology and esotericism, and most of them are covered with footnotes!

As he said, “So many ideas flashed through my mind so quickly that I had to carry a notebook with me. Even so, with so many pages filled, I could not help but get lost, and sometimes I wrote too quickly, many words can’t tell.” It really resonates! I have written a diary for more than 20 years, and I usually carry paper with me when I go out. The thoughts in my mind are like little monsters locked at home. If I don’t let them out, they will torture me all the time.

People who knew Pessoa recalled, “He was a pleasant man, full of charm and humor, but at the same time he deliberately kept his distance from others, lest he get too close to anyone that would interfere with his life. Daily routine”; others said, “When I said goodbye to him, I never dared to look back at him again, for fear that I would see him disappear into the air”.

Such a writer, in his short life, created more than 80 virtual writers with different life backgrounds and different personalities out of thin air, and then published works in their names, and they still have intersections with each other, all of which are his death It was discovered later. Although he didn’t travel much around the world, he created the entire universe in his own imagination.

Attached is Pessoa’s “Book of Disquiet” podcast and PPT that I shared at the book club earlier:

Fragments of revisiting Pessoa’s house this time:

– Do you ever feel that when reading a book, every word on the paper seems to be written by yourself? Or are you reading your own journals and articles without being impressed by what you have written?

– What I wrote in the guestbook, if someone else reads it and can laugh at it in the future, it will be good, and even if no one reads it, it will have no effect on me.

– Write about what everyone has experienced, and no wonder; write about what only I have experienced, and no one will understand.

– I spend part of my life being busy and busy, and the other part of my life writing to express emotions that cannot be conveyed. I put my thoughts and thoughts into a book, and behind every confession in the book there is a cowardly me who doesn’t know how to give up.

– A person is thinking slowly in a fast-moving car, is this person fast or slow?

– what Einstein and Socrates could do,
No more than comets hitting Earth.
But their emotional feelings,
But it is the product of the unattainable stone.

– Dream and reality, footer of the same book,
What you read in order is reality, what you read at will is dream.
Linking dreams together will become real life.

– My estranged attitude towards life makes it difficult for others to develop feelings for me;
There is a layer of icy light around me, and I refuse to be approached by others;
I want to fit in, but I don’t want to compromise.
Then accept the curse of fate and inevitably suffer from loneliness, but also feel at ease.

“If one day I became financially well-off enough to be able to write and publish freely, I knew I would miss this precarious life of little writing and no publication at all. I miss it not only because it Ordinary, but never return, also because every life has its own unique quality and unique happiness, when we live another life, or even a better life, the unique happiness of the previous life will gradually disappear. It just got so good, its peculiar qualities became so special as life went on, and something was gone. I miss being able to look back into the future, and miss it all, as absurd as it may be.”

Pessoa’s “Book of Disquiet”


Video recommendation

A while ago, I recommended the sports documentary “All Or Nothing: Arsenal” on the public account, and then some readers and friends recommended me to watch Netflix’s “Life Tactics”, and invited coaches with championship resumes to share them in the form of a documentary. A successful experience in sports and life, the third episode saw the old acquaintance “Uncle Bird” Mourinho.

It is said that in the early years, I was not used to Uncle Piao a hundred times. I felt that this person was arrogant and full of bad water (how many times he killed me ), and I did a lot of scolding him. Over time, I went from being a cranky fan to being rational, and slowly letting go of “hate” to understand who he was.

At the beginning of this episode, Uncle Bird’s madman nature was shown, and the reporter was speechless with the appearance of a “who gave up on me”. From Porto to Chelsea to Inter Milan to Real Madrid, he has achieved his dream of winning the three top leagues with his great belief in winning and conservative tactical style.

Two clips from the film stood out to me:

– Uncle Bird was banned from the coaching bench and dressing room by UEFA. As a result, in order to be with the players to cheer them on, he risked breaking the rules and got into the laundry box of the players’ dressing room and escaped UEFA. The review by the officials of the United Nations is simply an out-and-out old urchin!

– Uncle Bird has decided to leave the team after leading Inter Milan to the championship. He couldn’t bear to say goodbye to the players, so he did not follow the bus back to the camp. When he left, he accidentally met a team member, and the scene of the two hugging and crying was heart-wrenching.

As the saying goes, “homophobia is a closet,” and the people you hate have your hidden qualities. In the early years, I hated Mourinho, Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic the most, because they were too arrogant and not humble (probably also related to their playing for Real Madrid and the Guagua tear B ). Now it seems that deep down, I’m just as rebellious as they are (until they achieve what they’ve achieved, let’s count as self-righteousness). Because I grew up in a Confucian education environment, I had to restrain my conceit and even be a people pleaser, but when the living environment goes against my nature, people will inevitably suffer.

What I learned from Uncle Piao is that “what you want must be said out loud.” With strong self-belief and constantly honed skills, you will eventually achieve everything you want . Of course, the support of the team must be indispensable along the way. Find someone you want to play infinite games with them, and then have fun together in the playground of the universe!

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Podcast Recommendations

[Ideal Tun] The podcast officially restarts this month! Celebrate with flowers!

The #130 episode invited Shao Nan, an angel user from my community. He is the founder of the note-taking software flomo, the anchor of the Qixiangyi podcast, the manager of the product meditation record, and also a serious sci-fi fan.

In this episode you will hear:

– How did Shao Nan and I meet, and how did I trick him into becoming an angel user of my community?

– How did French philosopher René Girard ’s theory of imitation and desire save Shaonan?

– How to control knowledge input in the era of information explosion?

– How do you view the human operating system from a product manager’s point of view? Where do human desires and motivations come from?

– How to find the life theme?

– How to build your own knowledge management system from scratch?

– Talk about the design and operating philosophy behind the company Notion.

– The influence of Stoic philosophy on us, why does everyone see different things when they read the same philosophical theories?

– Talk about your favorite sci-fi works, and how to use AI tools to assist in creation in the future?

The guest of the #131 program is Steve Shi, the anchor of “Steve Says “. He is also an independent psychological counselor and a psychology lecturer. “False Intimacy”.

In this episode you will hear:

– What prompted Steve to have the idea of ​​translating Jordan Peterson’s Twelve Laws of Life?

– Will “Greeting from the Wild” become a new way of making friends and cooperating in the Internet age?

– Translate the behind-the-scenes story of “12 Laws of Life 1 & 2”

– The blackening process of “Professor Lobster” Jordan Peterson

– Ideological confrontation between countries vs. tearing within countries

– Two faces of people online and offline in the digital age

– What crises has public mental health suffered since the outbreak?

– How do we face the conflict between tradition and modernity? How to balance the known and the unknown in life?

– How to update your life map with writing and heal yourself with words?

– Does one have to go through fire to achieve the transformation of Nirvana and rebirth?

– Why do humans become lonelier the more connected they are? from the left and right hemispheres of the brain

– Reflecting on the public opinion environment of the Internet from the bombing incident

– Illustrator here! Recruit talented people who can create pictures for the “What is Love” series

– What changes have you brought to our lives after becoming an anchor?

– Steve’s approach to information ingestion and recommended learning methods

What is money? What is the essence of money?

– How should we view the issue of the family of origin? How do I talk to my parents about life and death?

Finally, I will share two podcasts of my recent guest [No. 9 Tavern] and [Laying to Win Life]:

  1. EP55 Through the door of self-knowledge, I created a piece of [Ideal Tunnel] for myself
  2. If human beings are just atoms and born with suffering, what is the meaning of life?

Miscellaneous thoughts of the week

1. Without the support of underlying life beliefs, your life will be full of confusion and problems. You are only at the mercy of society and others, and you live every day in the middle of solving problems that are completely uninteresting to you. The best thing a man can do is learn to think for himself.

2. As long as you keep trying, you will eventually find the sport that suits you best. Life is in movement and there is no excuse to stop moving. Once you get into the habit of exercising and master the basics of activity, it will open doors for you to enjoy other sports and make you aware of your body’s potential.

3. Every action we take now contributes to the formation of culture. Our bodies die, but our culture lives on. Therefore, every individual with a sense of social responsibility needs to continuously train himself to think and act consciously. The future is good or bad, depending on the ripples caused by people’s behavior at the moment.

4. After my grandma passed away, I almost never had spare ribs again.
Because only she cooks the best,
That’s her taste.

After breaking up with boyfriend who likes to wear black,
I rarely see black in my closet,
It seemed to be his own color.

I like to give to everyone I have loved,
with the theme song,
When the familiar melody sounds,
Love is never far away.

I trap myself in the whirlpool of memories,
the present moment,
is past when conscious;
And the Ta who are fixed in time and space,
still there,
Maybe one day, we will meet again in the future.

5. The theme of the past few years has always been “Unlearn”. I abandoned the dogma that bound me before, and began to question and reflect on the things I am accustomed to (not raising the bar), such as:

– Why eat three meals a day (intermittent fasting is recommended)?

– Why 9 to 5 (remote asynchronous work has become mainstream in Europe)?

– What is money? What is a country (bitcoin and network country)?

– Why follow the social clock (metabolic age and brain age) step by step?

When you keep questioning yourself these common senses, you will find that some things simply don’t stand up to scrutiny, and there are better ways to replace them. In this ever-changing world, the concept of “normality” also changes from time to time. We can never return to the “normal world” of the past. Instead of nostalgic anxiety, it is better to accept the reality as soon as possible, and advance with the times to develop a “normal” that suits us.

Each person’s experience may only account for 0.00000001% of the world. Our cognition of the world is incomplete, but it forms our entire world view. There is no standard set of rules in the universe to guide our life. Then go to experience and trial and error bravely, and think about the beliefs and responsibilities that support you to live a good life.

6. On September 17th (Saturday), Beijing time, at 8:00 p.m. Beijing time, I will do a book sharing session on Huxley’s “Gate of Perception” on CY Circle Discord , and at the same time tell me about my psychedelic experience. Click the link to sign up .​

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