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When it was about ten o’clock 🕚, I told “A Qiang” that I was going to bed, turned off the phone 📱 plugged in the charging cable, covered the quilt, and fell asleep.

Then, I don’t know when it started, I heard a “knock on the door?” in my ear. I thought it was a dream and didn’t care (sleep shallow consciousness), but this (knocking) sound It came once every once in a while, and the source of the sound seemed to be very close.

I exited the sleep state and opened my eyes👁, I just waited to hear the source of the sound, and after waiting for a minute or two, there was a knock in the direction of the “balcony door” of “Fuck” Zhen Nima, I was so frightened🙅 because it was haunted, I saw the dark shadow on the window (after the fact: the shadow of the clothes), it was scary! ! !

In the end, I dared to turn on the light in the dark, and then opened the balcony door🚪, I immediately looked left and right, nothing happened! ! ! Where did that knock on the door come from? I closed the door again🚪, at this time I heard a knock on the door again, I looked for the sound… I was speechless😑 It turned out to be “the bananas I hung at the door🍌 fell off one by one”.

Knowing the truth, I sorted out the dropped bananas🍌 and ate two more by myself (to relieve stress). What are you doing at night! ! The work and rest are messed up again, and I stay up late again, and the mental pressure is great again! ! ! Am I easy! Am I easy! ! Doing this at night scared me into being haunted! ! ! Boil! ! ! !

ps: Baidu said that hanging bananas is not easy to break, and I believe your evil! ! Depend on! ! !


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