On the Spiritual Journey, Founders Podcast and Reflective Questions

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“Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our own being. We are enough.”
​Ram Dass

In recent years, people around you have been paying attention to the following topics to improve their worldview:
– Meditation and metaphysics (also known as metaphysics)
– flaws in rationalism
– The power of myths and stories
– Have a positive attitude towards religion and spiritual development

Although the development of science and technology has improved people’s living standards, human beings have become increasingly unhappy. Most of us received a materialistic education in the process of growing up, and fell into a vicious circle of focusing on rational and logical development, while devaluing creativity and Emotional power.

In recent years, people all over the world have undergone a paradigm shift in an imperceptible manner for unknown reasons. Maybe it’s because people are tired of the game that emphasizes efficiency and money making since the Industrial Revolution can’t bring them spiritual satisfaction, and want to play another game; maybe it’s because the global pan-consciousness has developed to a singularity, where people are both individual and collective Finally, a breakthrough in consistency was achieved in memory. In conclusion, we are in a strange phase of development.

Last week, I experienced the thousand-year-old Ayuhuasca ceremony in the countryside of Portugal. Once again, I felt how incomplete human cognition of reality is, but arrogantly believed that 0.0000001% of the things experienced and understood are the entire universe. of all.

The information that human beings can perceive and process through the left brain, which represents rationality and logic, may only be 60 bits in size, but there are 11 million bits of potential information around us for us to use, and what is even scarier is that there are 1 trillion in the outside world. Bits of information are completely unaware of the brain. This reflects the limitations of the left brain: its ability to process information is limited, and our so-called rational analysis is only based on that limited information. The right brain, which represents intuition and creativity, helps us sense and collect the missing 1 trillion bits of information in the background. Whether relying on meditation, or entering a state of flow or unconsciousness with the help of animals and plants in nature, it can help us experience the infinite flow of information and allow us to see our own reality.

I wrote about my spiritual process from childhood to adulthood in English before, and I also shared the meditation and herbal experiences I tried on the official account (see the list below). It is a miracle in itself that our generation is alive to witness the current moment of paradigm shift, and even to take part in the whole process. I also hope that everyone can open their hearts, embrace the unknown with an open mind, feel and understand in person, harvest love, experience love, spread love, and remember that everyone has meaning as long as they exist.

Podcast Recommendations

Last year a friend recommended me a paid podcast show, Founders Podcast. It is no exaggeration to say that I downloaded and listened to 96% of the entire program (200+ hours), and also invited anchor David Senra to record a podcast (see below), sharing that he has read hundreds of biographies of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs later learned. Today, Founders Podcast has officially joined Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s (son of my new boss) media company Colossus. All podcast content is free to the general public. Visit https://www.joincolossus.com to view and listen to six podcasts including Founders. A podcast about business and investing.

Throughout history, many smart people have worked hard on the road of trial and error, inventing and creating businesses and technologies that can advance the progress of human civilization. Some of them have compiled their experiences into books so that our younger generations can learn their lifelong lessons by spending a few hours of reading or listening to them. After reading more than 250 autobiographies of famous people, David summed up their four characteristics:
– have extraordinary self-confidence
– focus, focus, focus again
– Perseverance and don’t give up easily
– Give yourself time to spare

By the way, I recently joined OSV, a new investment company owned by the O’Shaughnessy family. If you are an entrepreneur and creator, please visit the website https://www.osv.llc/ and leave your email address to receive relevant Venture capital information.
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learn to ask questions

Twitter giant Greg Isenberg asked a billionaire, a math PhD and professor, and a 99-year-old to summarize the questions they ask when they reflect on themselves. If you can often answer the following questions like them, it may be of great help to your life, love and career. Simply translate these questions:

1. If I have 50 million in the bank, what will happen to my daily life?

2. How can anxiety about XXX help me?

3. Do I really need to respond to this text or email now?

4. Am I really happy? Or just feel comfortable?

5. Do I really try my best or just tell myself I tried my best?

6. What allows me to read, think, read, watch, listen, and speak for hours on end without getting bored?

7. If I had three words to describe who I want to be, which three words would I use?

8. If this thing is interesting, what should it look like?

9. What can I do to recover from a bad mood immediately?

10. In most cases, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up?

11. What do I want my life to change in a year?

12. Will doing this project make me a better person?

13. Do I do this from my heart or am I being instructed?

14. Am I doing/not doing this out of fear?

15. What/who is your favorite? Is that something/people you want to fall in love with?

16. Do you think your 15-year-old self is cool now?

Miscellaneous thoughts of the week

1. The difficulty is not that there is no choice, but that there are too many choices.
Whenever we make a choice, it means accepting the responsibility and consequences that come with it, and it means sacrificing other outcomes that were not chosen.
There is no perfect choice in the world, there is only unconditional trust in yourself, and every choice you make is the best gift from fate to you.

2. Clear away all delusions, the door of perception will be opened, and all things will appear as they are: as they are, endless. — William Blake

I shared a slightly taboo topic at the reading meeting before: Psychedelic (Chinese translation for psychedelics or hallucinogens). There are quite a few nonfiction papers and books about hallucinogens on the market today, especially in the fields of medicine and philosophy of religion. The book I picked came from a well-known author, Aldous Huxley. We may have all seen Huxley’s science fiction novel Brave New World written in 1932. In the book, he mentioned the hallucinogen that can make human beings happy forever. But Huxley also published another, lesser-known book, The Gates of Perception, or The Gates of Wonders, which depicts his own experience with hallucinogens. This book club also shared my experience of using San Pedro.

3. “The hopelessness of a work of art guards the hope of the real world.”

4. A recent album that I listen to often: “Exile” by Ugandan singer Geoffrey Oryema. One of my favorite songs is “Land of Anaka”, ethereal, ethereal, sad, hopeless and quiet… Charles Dickens once said that every traveler has his own home, he is wandering Learned to appreciate it more. The feeling of returning home after wandering overseas for so long is indescribable… Friends from Hong Kong can make an appointment next week! The end of the month in the mainland is about to start haha!

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