On the state of being alive, loneliness, vitality and English estates

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Concept art made by MidJourney
Author Oscar Wilde once said, “Life is the rarest thing in the world, most people just exist” . If you think about it, we spend most of our lives regretting the past or worrying about the future, and not fully committed to living in the present moment.

Life is an experience, you either accept it or resist it. Every choice can have a major impact on our happiness in life. Some people use their subjective initiative to immerse themselves in life in every moment; Joseph Campbell wrote, I don’t think people are looking for meaning in life, they just want to have the experience of being alive .” What is the experience and state of being fully alive? This may be a philosophical question that will never have a definitive answer . We may be able to get a partial answer by studying the deconstruction and reflection of thinkers throughout the ages on this question .

When you are completely alive, you will use your curiosity to continuously study topics of interest. Time and space seem to no longer exist, and you can easily seize every opportunity that comes to you . When you are fully alive, you enter a state of flow where every moment you experience in your life means the world to you, and you stop taking things for granted and waste them at will time. When you are fully alive, you are open to all the possibilities of existence, exploring yourself and everything around you, connecting with yourself and others, and experiencing true happiness, fulfillment, and meaning.

To be alive is to have a lively energy flowing through your body that you can’t wait to use to create, explore, and put into meaningful action. Pastor Joel Austin once said, If you want to be happy, you have to be happy with a purpose. When you wake up every day, you can’t just wait to see what your day will be like, but start from yourself. Go and decide what your day will be like . You need to make conscious choices about how you plan your day, what activities you do, and what relationships you have. We didn’t come to this world just to take part and walk through the motions, but to live fully.

Just start by appreciating the little things in life, pay attention to the details of your surroundings, record the things that make you happy and fulfilled, and repeat. During this time, don’t forget to be grateful for the things that are going well in your life, and consciously cultivate daily routines. A happy life always begins with a happy day, a happy hour, and a happy minute.

“Girl in the Swamp”

I recently watched a movie called “Girl in the Swamp”. Based on the best-selling novel “Where the Crickets Sing,” this literary suspense tells the story of a girl abandoned by her family who grows up alone in a swamp in North Carolina. She was excluded and isolated by the town residents because of being different, and she also gained the love of two small town boys. Just when she was about to escape from her lonely life with a picture book, a complicated murder case would reverse her fate.

I like this narrative method of seeing the world through the perspective of an alternative individual. The heroine is out of tune with the surrounding environment, and is therefore isolated from everyone. When you see her living in her own small world so purely, and living bravely with her personal efforts and desire to survive, she can feel her upward burst of vitality through the screen. There is no moral right or wrong in nature, only the rule of survival of the fittest, and sometimes the prey has to kill the hunter in order to survive.

People always unconsciously demonize people who are different from themselves, and the agglomeration effect to spread the truth further exacerbates the phenomenon of people excluding dissidents. Over the years I have been wandering overseas, and I have suffered more or less a similar situation because of my minority status. When we don’t get the care and understanding we deserve in the human society where we should feel love, perhaps the ruthless nature can give us comfort instead.

The heroine in the film is Daisy Edgar-Jones, and her temperament is very suitable for this isolated, sensitive and arrogant role (I previously wrote a film review of the TV series “Ordinary People” starring her. ). She chose to devote herself to art in her almost isolated life, recording all creatures in nature with her brush. Although interpersonal relationships cannot satisfy her spiritual sustenance, she finds meaning in her works and gains resonance and understanding by conveying loneliness to her art.

Loneliness and longing are not symbols of failure, but simply that we are alive. Most lonely souls turn to art and use creativity to defuse this feeling of being inseparable. Maybe art can’t cure disease, nor can we solve the problem of food and clothing. But art has an extraordinary charm, creating a unique link between people, letting us know that there are always people in this world who can describe the feelings we can’t describe, and there are always people who share the same thoughts and confusions with us. In appreciating art, we get resonance and cure loneliness.

Just like the picture book of the heroine in the film, it represents her savage and vigorous vitality, conveys her energy of feeling the world in a unique way, and also allows her to gain love and deserved recognition. And we can also turn loneliness into a driving force for creation, and pass on the magic of art, not only to help ourselves through difficult and lonely times, but also to let someone in a corner of the world see your work. Find comfort and inspiration.

Chatsworth House

Returning to the UK this week to watch football, stop by the UK’s most popular manor: Chatsworth House.

When Jane Austen wrote “Pride and Prejudice”, the prototype of the protagonist Darcy’s house was Chatsworth Manor. The 2005 version of “Pride and Prejudice” also used Chatsworth Manor as a location to walk here. It seems that Darcy and Elizabeth can be seen expressing their affection for each other under the rising sun in the next second. There is a romantic atmosphere in the air, and the idyllic scenery in England is unparalleled.

Chatsworth House is the residence of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, and it has been passed down through 16 generations to its current pomp and collection. There are more than 100 rooms in the park, but only about 30 are open to the public. The collections in the park are dazzling, including vase ornaments from the Kangxi period, bottles and jars of Australian pioneer designers, statues of ancient Roman gods and works of art inspired by Fibonacci numbers.

What impresses me the most is the study room in the manor. Thousands of rare ancient books are neatly placed on the bookshelf. Each one breathes the breath of history and witnesses the stories of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire through the ages. There is a Steinway piano in the study room for tourists to play. I improvised an “Ode to Joy”, which also attracted applause from other tourists. I remembered that I could learn jazz dance in the hall when I visited Blenheim Manor, and I really liked this immersive and interactive tourist experience.

Finally, I would like to share my travel notes in the UK in the past two years. I love the idyllic scenery of autumn in the UK. Let my friends in the UK play before winter!
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The book “The UK You Don’t Know” is a collection of my travel notes and thoughts and feelings of my two-year life in the UK. It is exclusively available at Apple Bookstore !​


Miscellaneous thoughts of the week

1. Life is so rich that there are countless things to experience and record. Record a little trivial life or emotional ups and downs every day, and feel that the day is not in vain, because you have seen it with your eyes, experienced it with your heart, and analyzed it with your brain… Over the years, your insight into life will continue to improve, and others can also feel it. Your vitality from within.

After all, writing is a lonely journey, dissecting one’s heart for others to see, but many times it doesn’t resonate. As Somerset Maugham said in “The Moon and Sixpence”, each of us is lonely in the world, and we are so pitiful that we want to pass on the wealth of our hearts to others, but they have no ability to accept them. . So we can only walk alone, not together in spite of our bodies, neither knowing nor being understood by others.

Don’t force others to understand, just want to understand yourself better. If you want to change the world, you must first change yourself. It’s better to write more when you have nothing to do. The writing that you feel is not in the best of fashion now may turn waste into treasure in the future. Remember the value of compound interest and gain personal evolution.

2. The following are the short sentences that appeared in the diary recently. I feel that I can write a story together again. I will wait for the end of the year to return to China and isolate myself, and organize the recent backlog of story materials:
– He sprinkled salt on wounds that should have been healed.
– She suddenly regained her senses and felt her presence again. Maybe at that moment, anyone but L could re-energize her and give her an ecstatic thrill of breaking through the constraints. But she is very fortunate that at that moment it was not someone else who met you, but you.
– Jealousy stems from feelings of want and self-denial.
– When she should be immersed in the moment, she chose to escape.
Afterwards, through false memories, delineate the situation at that time.
When can we live in the present moment and feel everything with our heart?
– If you don’t make a choice, whether there will be no more bifurcations in your life, but not making a choice is actually a choice.
– Wanting to adapt but not wanting to be changed by the environment, that’s nature’s curse on people like you.
– Is there a word to describe the sudden desire to destroy everything?
– He can feel the mad pain and decay lurking beneath the surface of all things. After all, once new things are created, they inevitably slide into chaos, and all good things cannot escape the end of death or decay.
– One has to have chaos in one’s heart, in order to breed dancing stars in it.

3. A word of warning for those who want to dye their hair pink. I have maintained my pink hair for half a year, bleached once, added color three times, and done protein maintenance twice, which may be an IQ tax…

After returning to the original color of the hair, the hair quality has not changed, it is still soft and shiny, but the biggest change is the serious hair loss! I’ve lived in the UK for two years and haven’t lost much of my hair, so why start now… So, you need to be cautious about dyeing hair. I’m not going to toss my hair again for the past two years, I’m really afraid that one day I will become bald and Guardiola!


Finally, attach a video of last week’s return to Manchester to watch football! It is said that in all home games, Manchester City wins by a large score, and every time I give a boost to my tiredness! I originally planned to focus on the firepower and only watch the new love Haaland, but Akanji’s performance caught my attention the most. I heard that the guy is still a mental arithmetic genius. I picked up his background, mother tennis player, father financial talent, brain and physical fitness All online, rubbing his hands and looking forward to his follow-up performance in Manchester City!

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