One card per day training camp: One card per day, there are ways to grow

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You are afraid of writing, afraid of not being able to write, afraid of not being able to write well, afraid of not being able to write well.

I used to be afraid. I couldn’t write a few words a day. I sat in front of the computer for a few hours without thinking. Even if I wrote it, I was not satisfied with it, and I didn’t dare to openly fear comments.

As Flaubert said: “Sometimes, when my head is empty and my thoughts are exhausted, when I find myself drawing an entire page without writing a sentence, I fall on the couch and lie there Lost, lost in the abyss of despair, unable to move, hating myself and blaming myself for the crazy pride that drove me to pursue my delusions.”

Most people think that learning to write requires unpredictable inspiration, feedback and guidance from famous teachers, and reading to overcome all difficulties to read a lot of classics, but in fact, there is the simplest and most important way to practice writing, that is, one card per day.

What is a daily lesson card

All writing has a minimum starting point. To overcome the fear of writing, you might as well start with one card per day. One card per day, only one move, one action, one action, and one action, and this action will never go wrong. You are always in positive feedback,

Until I started one card per day, I no longer held back writing, I stopped writing for the time being if I couldn’t write, I stopped trying to get my thoughts to flow in one go, and if I didn’t write well, I wrote down all my thoughts first, and when I finished writing, I slowly changed it. If the writing is not perfect, I will no longer be demanding. I will post it first.

After that, I gradually migrated the method of one card per day to the work field. I wrote the questions on the cards and put them on the desk to try to answer the accumulated answers every day. At the same time, I also started to use a card every day to Write to-do lists for work and study.


The card can write up to seven items, usually three or four, the most important thing is always on top, and completing the three most important things in one day is regarded as 80% of the day’s tasks.

I will write on a card in the weekday class:

  • Complete the sending of the research report
  • Import list test platform
  • weekly work summary report

It will also be written on the card of the study day:

  • email monday thursday
  • Complete Productivity Guide Update
  • Finished reading cards

This also writes cards, that also writes cards, and penetrates the daily lesson card into every aspect of life.

Before one card per day, I was always suspicious and fearful in the face of difficult things. After one card per day, I began to act boldly.


No longer afraid of reading obscure and difficult books, and firmly believe that reading a difficult book is a page, and a card is a card. After reading it, you may still feel that you can’t understand it, but the thought of “this book is so difficult, I don’t want to read it at all” disappeared.

Stop procrastinating on complicated and arduous tasks, pick up a stack of cards and start writing, starting from the part that you are best at and most familiar with, maybe the cards can’t help me complete the task on time and with high quality, but “there are so many things to do, it’s better to push it to Tomorrow” is no longer a thought.

Where is the difficulty of one card per day?

During this period, I began to consciously summarize the practical experience of one card per day, and put it in the course of writing in a stupid way to let new writers practice. After a period of time, I found that when newbies practiced one card per day, there was a dilemma:

Difficulty 1: Unsustainable

Writing a card every day may seem easy, but it is difficult to write every day. People are often wasted, the mood changes, and the mental energy is shifted.

At the same time, the effect of one card per day is not immediate, time is talking about grinding, but Yingjie is like a stone. Most people write for ten days, and they choose to give up when they can’t see the effect.

But the so-called daily class is to write cards as practice, which is more important to accumulate, which seems trivial, but it can focus on thoughts in a few words, and can use the superposition and transformation of thinking day after day.

Life is like a marathon, the winner is not the initial leader, but the perseverance who can continue to run to the finish line.

The third difficulty: lack of content

In fact, no matter what job you are in or want to do, start by writing something every day. You can write anything. All writing is a presentation of my own abilities at this stage, and I don’t need to force myself to perform what I don’t have.

You don’t have to take it as writing, you don’t have to take cards seriously, you don’t have to always pursue the meaning of writing, you don’t have to have a source to write, just like posting a circle of friends, it’s just a record of life and mood, and you don’t care about readers. Who does not need to pursue literary and uniqueness.

Write first, then everything that follows.

The following are some of the students’ daily practice scenarios for one card:


How to practice one card per day?

The goal of the one-card-per-day training camp is very simple. We will try our best to help you develop the habit of one card per day, and use the card, the smallest writing carrier, to apply it to work, life and study.


The training camp is mainly based on my hands-on method, plus the card kits I have made over the years, trying to make you use it.

The training camp outline is as follows


Zeng Guofan said: “Whenever you do something, there are bound to be many difficulties and twists and turns. We always seek it with sincerity and deal with it with an open mind. With sincerity, we will be dedicated and full of energy. day.”

Walking every day is not afraid of thousands of miles; doing it often is not afraid of thousands of things. May you have a card every day, and there is a way to grow.

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