One Day Tour of Manshan Island Series II

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The night before I set off, I packed the backpack with some necessary things, including the brick-like power bank. The pre-plan was to take a photo with the DSLR, but after carrying the backpack, I decided to Give up on this idea, it’s too heavy. After going out, I picked up my backpack and found that it was not as heavy as I imagined. I started to regret it a little. I found that it was okay to carry a DSLR, but at this time, I couldn’t turn back. It was useless to tangle and regret. It was only in the second half of the trip that I realized that my decision last night was very correct. At this time, I found that I didn’t even bother to use my mobile phone when taking pictures. In addition, it is really easy to take pictures with the remote control on the stand of Taixun. During this process, I took a total of more than 30 pictures, all of which were taken simply by looking at the composition. As for whether it looks good or not, who now who cares, I Just press […]

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