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Everyone has their own occupation in this society, and this occupation becomes the label by which others recognize us.

Over the past few decades, we’ve seen that a person can go from just graduating to a job all the way to retirement. But in today’s fast-paced era, what we often see is that a person joins a company, works for a few years, and then leaves the company to go to a new company.

It is difficult for us to have a fixed job and occupation to describe ourselves – what is your occupation?

The income brought by occupation is second. The key is that occupation will give people different perceptions, and occupation is a kind of identity. We need to rely on identity to find our place in society.

So is there any occupation that can last forever?

For me there are three:

  1. Writers : Writing is a relatively rare ability, and with the emergence of AIGC, more and more people are not good at writing. The value of writing is on the contrary increasing. And writing, for me, is a matter of continuous expression, no matter what, I will continue to write.
  2. Creator : As I said before, software engineers are craftsmen of this era. You can use your skills to create some fresh products, solve other people’s problems, and create different products and ecosystems. Being a creator has nothing to do with your age and working hours, but only with whether you are willing to create.
  3. Investors: Investing is only about the assets you buy and grows with your assets. It has nothing to do with your age, working hours, etc. Anyone can be an investor, and can be an investor for life.

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