Opinions on the collection of three years’ income of programmers in a certain place in Hebei

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What is Github? Git is a tool for programmers to manage code. Github is a programmer community based on Git and the largest programmer community in the world. The domain name is github.com, which stores the largest number of open source codes in the world, like an electronic library. Github provides a free warehouse for programmers to store or share code. Programmers can conduct technical exchanges based on each other’s open source code. Github also provides value-added services to corporate users. Internet companies can store code in Github and let the company’s programmers submit the code to the company’s warehouse. Why do programmers work remotely? Why use Github? The cost of living in big cities is very high. Programmers can choose to work remotely in small cities to reduce living costs. They can receive programming tasks issued by the company through remote meetings. After the code is completed, the code is submitted to the company’s Github code. Warehouse is enough. This is no different from asking an artist to draw a profile picture on Taobao. The customer pays and the artist draws the picture for the customer. The customer does not care whether the artist is in Guangdong or Hebei, as long as the final product satisfies the customer who paid the money. The user experience of Github is really good. I like the website Github very much. I have also tried to write many open source projects on Github, including recommended serialization of some software tools, serialization of Raspberry Pi e-books, open source theme packages, self-made picture bed plug-ins, and websites. Management scripts, etc… Github is also quite generous to non-paying users. The public warehouse provides unlimited CDN traffic and capacity. After being acquired by Microsoft, private repositories can also be used for free. There is gitee in China, which is similar to github. There are many restrictions on non-paying users, and the review is very strict. Compared with github, the advantage of gitee is that it has completed the registration in China. Earning foreign exchange is a good thing. I admire this programmer brother very much. If his work does not endanger national security, it is equivalent to solving the employment problem and earning foreign exchange, proving to the world that ordinary Chinese programmers also have world-class standards. , which is more than an order of magnitude higher than the contribution of real estate speculation. In any case, you should pay taxes. Even the money earned from foreign companies should be taxed. If you enjoy good local public security, stable medical care and other social services, you should pay taxes. Regarding Internet access, Hong Kong is part of China. Is it legal for me to use my tax-paid legal income to purchase cloud servers from cloud service providers such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Tianyi? Is it legal to buy a Hong Kong server and pull open source software installation packages from github for software updates? Those who impose penalties should learn more. Hebei is my hometown. There is basically no Internet industry at present. Those people leave all opportunities for learning to I am a student in Hengshui, but I have not lived to be old. If I have been studying for a long time, I may not understand what Github is. If those people understand Github, they will not cause public opinion when the National Day is approaching. If the programmers are asked to pay taxes immediately, it can even attract more programmers to Hebei. Programmers especially like the tolerant environment. I received 1.05 million from the programmer brother’s three-year labor income. I don’t know how much tourism income the Mountain Resort will lose during the National Day. These incomes should be much higher than 1.05 million. Finally, here is a summary of the comments on Chengde Mountain Resort’s Weibo People on shore are more concerned about their own departments and whether they can support more people. The more people they support, the greater their achievements. If a city cannot attract talents, it should at least not drive them away. I hope this article survives. The permanent update address of this article: https://ift.tt/impJyYV

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