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I re-read the Norwegian Forest translated by Jay Rubin. The direct reason is that I read the light novel I read last month at the beginning of the month. I loaded Love Games. There are many literary works mentioned in this book, but there is no mention of Norwegian at all. Forests. However, there are many places where we can think that this book is based on Norwegian forests:

  1. The protagonist’s name is exactly the same, and the background is also very similar
  2. The hero’s ideal in this book is to be a handsome guy in Tokyo, while Nagasawa’s ideal is to be a gentleman. Although there are more or less differences between the two, most of the differences and literal differences come from the differences of the times.
  3. R Jiang has a sanatorium for the mentally ill at home, and the source of the sanatorium in the Norwegian forest is the donation of the rich.

After reading this light novel, I decided to read/re-read some novels that I have been unable to reach and yearn for before. The Norwegian Forest I finished this month is one of them. When I read the Norwegian Forest this time, I noticed Many details were missed in the previous reading. For example, Naoko would touch a beret every time she thinks of Kizuki. For example, when Watanabe first met Midori, she was very moved, but deliberately called Midori by her full name, To show the gap. I didn’t pay attention to the details of the novel when I was reading Chinese and when I was reading English before. Only when I learned more about different cultures and there was a difference between calling the last name and the first name, I could understand. As for the death of Naoko in the end, and Midori Does it matter, and whether Watanabe and Midori were together in the end is not mentioned in the original book, so looking back now, there are some problems with Watanabe’s memories, although it can’t be said that the protagonist like Kazuo Ishiguro intentionally People are dragged into the ditch, but there must still be a lot of unspoken truths.

I went to watch the Super Mario movie with my baby, the music is good, the plot is so-so, it’s good to watch this kind of movie at home.

I didn’t play any games in the first half of the month, but I was seriously addicted to Yuanshin in the second half. This time I changed to a new account to play on the Asian server. I just completed the last demon mission of Lin Juyuan to upgrade to level 45 an hour ago. After all, every The monthly activity fee of $20 can be reimbursed. At present, I don’t know if the luck of drawing cards is considered good. I have drawn the God of Grass and used it as the main DPS, and the holy relics have not yet started to be used, so it is often more scraping, which is also the goal of the next stage. I spent 10 draws in the weapon pool. I thought I was drawing a four-star character who was not in the Up pool, but I ended up drawing Brick and Sievers. In addition, the resident pool (about 70 draws) has already drawn two five-star characters, both of which are Weapons, I don’t know what to say. The last time I played Yuanshin halfway, part of the reason was that I didn’t find all the wind seeds and I was too lazy to do it again. This time the wind seeds and rock seeds have been completed, and I am currently working with Inazuma’s thunder seeds and Shenzao The tree is dead. The map of Sumeru has basically been opened, but the main storyline and the forest book have not yet started.

By the way, although it is considered to be a game, it is not a game. I went to Sydney last week to escape from a secret room with my colleagues. The time limit was 80 minutes and we passed the level in 65 minutes. The highlight is that there is a laser light net inside, and you must lie on the ground to pass. It’s a bit lackluster, and the puzzle design is not particularly brilliant.

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