Photography is subtraction, share some good pictures in the process of playing Kingdom Tears

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Photography is subtraction, and game art is also subtraction. The game interface is clean and tidy, which can bring players a natural sense of immersion.

Nintendo’s art is very tricky, with as few elements as possible in a single screen, naturally blurring the distant background, and reducing texture drawing. This hazy beauty may be due to functional limitations, but from the player’s point of view, the effect is not bad.

Recently, I have been addicted to Tears of the Kingdom and shared a few photos. Although the picture quality of Tears of the Kingdom is limited to 1080p, the artistic effect is really top-notch.







Tears of Kingdoms game is fun, but it costs a handle

After playing Tear of Kingdoms for a few weeks, I found that the crosshairs had drifted when I drew the bow. The Nintendo Pro controller is really no match for the Xbox controller. In order to prepare for Mr. Ma, I had to order another Pro controller. Only Nintendo can drive the sales of controllers through games.

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