PopClip: The most powerful text operation menu in the world “On the shelves of digital litchi, only ¥ 89”

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The Mac text processing software PopClip , which has been with me for 10 years, was born on July 18, 2011. At present, this classic software has been registered on the domestic digital litchi sales platform. The price is ¥89, which can authorize 5 Macs. The price of MAS is ¥113, which is 24 yuan cheaper.

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This software can copy, paste, convert case, delete, highlight, format, Markdown, and work with external software to convert text to translation, notes, and to-do after selecting a certain text. , calendar and other N multi-efficiency applications for further use.

 PopClip plugin library

In the near future, the ecosystem around ChatGPT has gradually formed, and many developers have also connected their application ideas with OpenAI through PopClip, such as the recently popular ChatGPT plug-in: the name is this:

As you can see, when you enter a question, the PopClip plug-in will immediately give you a very professional reply. Another popular plug-in recently is Bob. This translation software integrated with ChatGPT has also updated its own PopClip plug-in

 PopClip Official Site
 PopClip domestic purchase direct elevator 

PopClip strives to bring all text operations into a pop-up box. When you select a piece of text, you can copy, cut, paste, search, correct, enter hyperlinks, write emails, and view dictionaries in the PopClip pop-up box. For those who are accustomed to using the right button or hotkey, it will take a while to get used to PopClip for the first time.

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