Purchases from January to March

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It will be released before the end of the month. The main reason is that I have almost bought everything that should be bought. Even if I want to buy later, it will not be this month.

This year, Japan finally announced that public places do not need to wear masks, so makeup is finally starting to bloom. I also hurried to buy a lipstick. Although I still have to wear a mask when I work temporarily, I don’t dare not wear it when I go out in densely populated places… Anyway, it’s a good sign. Let’s buy a lipstick to celebrate! However, due to the epidemic in recent years, many European and American brands have adjusted their prices, and they have adjusted several times, which is really much more expensive. I haven’t bought counter products for a long time, and I was really taken aback. The prices of European and American brands in Japan have really gone up too much. I used to like Chanel lipstick because it is cheap and easy to use. Now that the price advantage is gone, I don’t want to buy it. I’d better buy Japanese local brands. However, there are some perfumes that I can’t help. When I buy them in the future, I can’t buy them casually. After all, Japanese brands are really not good in this regard. I can only say that no matter what kind of type I want to try, I have almost tried it, and there is nothing too regrettable. I have no advantages as a Buddhist, and I am not attached to it. If I can’t afford it, I won’t buy it. Although I like it, my life is not only skin care and make-up, the most important thing is cost performance.

ALBION Double Extract

0114-1.jpg double key advance serum
40ml ¥15,000+tax
Japanese site

A friend recommended it to me, because I just talked about Clarins double essence, and my friend said that Albin also released a double essence and it is quite easy to use. I went to the counter and tried it, and found that the texture is good, it is quite moisturizing, and my dry skin is so excited! So I bought it right away!


This should be a New Year’s gift box. Anyway, the last time I went to buy Albion on New Year’s Day, I also gave a similar gift box , that is, I will send it when I spend 13,000 yen. I liked the golden oil and hair mask last time, and I can look forward to this time too!

I searched the price of the contents of the gift box, and the total value is about 2100 yen, which is quite a bargain!

Renasair AQUA GLOW MOIST WATER : I can look forward to this bottle of hair water, after all, my hair quality is very poor now, so I should be able to get it immediately if it works!

SUPER UV CUT INTENSE CONCENTRATE DAY CREAM : This seems to be a new product that I haven’t seen before. Actually, I prefer another lady’s sunscreen, but this whitening one is also very suitable for the coming spring and summer. You can try it~

Skin Conditioner ESSENTIAL PAPER MASK : A healthy water mask that must be available every time, I may save this for summer. It’s not suitable for my dry skin to apply in winter…

Elisil Whitening Line

170ml ¥3,300+tax
Japanese site

I was amazed when Irisel updated the moisturizing and anti-aging products last fall, and this time the upgrade was really successful. So I am looking forward to the update of the whitening line in spring, and the result is still very successful as expected! The moisturizing and anti-aging type was mentioned in the empty bottle in September last year, and I praised the feeling of use at that time, so let me tell you about the upgraded technology while buying the whitening water this time.

As we all know, the Yilisil brand focuses on collagen, which makes the skin full of collagen and keeps your apple muscles shiny and full. I remember that the previous version targeted the 4 types of collagen in the dermis to promote their production. Because as we age, our own ability to produce these decreases, so the function of skin care products is not to directly supplement but to promote our skin cells to produce these. The same is true for whitening lines, and the new collagen should be transparent and white, but it will gradually turn yellow, so there is a saying called “people are old and the pearl is yellow”. The whitening line at that time was to target the yellowed collagen and restore it as much as possible. But the old and yellowed collagen that has existed for a long time is still waiting to be decomposed and metabolized in our dermis (the metabolic rate is also affected by human aging).

This new version is mainly updated in this place, which can not only promote the production of collagen in the dermis, but also accelerate the catabolism of aging collagen. Therefore, the self-circulation of collagen in the dermis is realized, production→decomposition→metabolism→production, so that there will be no aging and yellowing collagen in the dermis. An analogy is to treat aging collagen as garbage, so this update adds a cleaning function to keep our home in a clean and tidy environment.

There is also a new technology that can inhibit the production of YOKOPIN factor in our skin, which is something that increases with age. After the age of 40, it increases sharply, which is about 3 times that of the age of 20. What’s wrong with it? It will thicken our stratum corneum, and the surface of the skin will become rough and dull, and even feel rough. And if the stratum corneum is too thick, it will also make it difficult to absorb skin care products. Many people will choose exfoliating products at this time. It’s okay when they are young, but they really can’t stand the friction of those products when they are old. So this update makes Irisel suitable for a wider range of people.

Finally, on the basis of the above, of course, the whitening line has to update the whitening part. The slogan of Shiseido this time is “Let your skin be white and translucent like a reflector.” This time, because of the self-circulation of collagen in the dermis, there is no way to restore the yellowish collagen to the transparent color in the old version. function. So how to achieve the whitening effect? That is to say, the inside of our skin will actually refract and refract the incoming light in various ways. If the light shining on the skin can be refracted many times, it will look particularly translucent. On the contrary, it will be like light entering a black hole. The light that is not refracted will make the skin look dull and dull, and the complexion will look yellow. The new Yilisil is to increase the internal scattered light by increasing the number of refraction of light inside our skin, so as to achieve a white and translucent effect. It sounds fantastic, but in fact it can be achieved theoretically through technical means. As for the effect of using it on everyone’s face, it’s a matter of opinion. At my age, if there is a whitening effect in a product line, I will definitely choose this first. Not just for whitening, but also for avoiding dullness, yellowing and spots.

So whether it is moisturizing and anti-aging or whitening and anti-aging, this update is not insignificant. I feel that this brand has been redone, and the texture and sense of use have also improved a lot. So friends who have used it before and feel ordinary, you can give him another chance to try. At this price, there is really nothing to beat, invincible. Supplement: The domestic official website price is too expensive, not worth it!

0326-1.jpg Brightening day care revolution WT , SPF35 PA++++
35ml ¥3,100+tax
Japanese site

This daily lotion of Yilisil was updated last spring. I liked its texture very much after trying it out. I think it is even easier to use than the old version that became an Internet celebrity. Anyway, I didn’t want to buy the old version, but I wanted to buy the new version, but I didn’t buy it because I stocked up too much Yuewei’s sunscreen. Now that the stock is almost used up, I bought it quickly. Anyway, I recommend this lotion sunscreen. First of all, it is convenient, just apply the essence after watering in the morning and it will be done. For follow-up makeup, you can go out without makeup. If you don’t have too much requirement for makeup primer, this sunscreen lotion also has the effect of makeup primer, so you don’t need to apply another makeup primer. So it is very convenient, and secondly, it is not expensive (the price on the domestic official website is too high), so overall, it is very recommended!

There is a reason why I bought SPF35 this time. First of all, I prefer the texture of 35 after two trials. I feel more comfortable to apply and I don’t know how to describe it… Secondly, this update does not matter whether your SPF is 50 or 35 But his PA has 4+, which is the highest mark in Japan. I still care more about the protective effect of UVA than UVB. The reason why I have always chosen SPF50 before is because only his PA has 4+, but this time Irisel has 4+, so I chose this one which has a better texture.

DECOTE Essence


This is Cosme’s new eye essence that will be released in March. I made an appointment when I went to buy eye shadow. After being beaten by A alcohol a few times, I decided to give up this ingredient. It was really painful. In January, my eye area was still uncomfortable and I didn’t fully recover. I didn’t dare to put skin care products on it. I decided to wait until it was completely healed before starting to use this eye cream. Make an appointment first, after all, there are gifts for new product appointments!

Japanese site

Go buy the essence back! It’s a pity that after two months, my eyes are still swollen from time to time. I feel that I really want to pay more attention to gentle skin care than the functional type.

I made an appointment to send a 12ml COSME small purple bottle , and also sent a small purple bottle of face cream on the same day. Originally, I thought I would use it after I used it well, but when I made an appointment and when I went to buy eye essence this time, the experience at the counter was terrible. It’s not a service problem, it’s that there are too few cabinet sisters. There are only two people, and you have to get a number twice. There are at least 5.6 people in the front line. And when it’s your turn, there are a bunch of people in the back line, the shopping experience is really bad. Therefore, there is a high probability of demining in the future, and I don’t want to go to the CODEC counter anymore. It’s not irreplaceable anyway.

ONE BY KOSE Whitening Essence

0321-1.jpg MELANOSHOT W
Japanese site

OBK Whitening Essence is updated! I’ve always used the INFINITY one, but this year only the OBK has been updated… I’m in love with it in an instant! As far as the whitening effect is concerned, I don’t actually feel much difference, although INFINITY’s ingredients are more gorgeous and can also anti-aging in addition to whitening, it will be more comprehensive. But I want to repair and anti-aging anyway, I have other products to work on, so I decided to repurchase this whitening essence in the future!

This update is to add an ingredient called Zanthoxylum bungeanum extract, which is said to prevent the spread of melanin. That is, your freckles were originally only in this place, but after a long time, some pale spots have grown near him. This update is mainly to increase the function of preventing this kind of spread to the surroundings.

Most whitening products focus on melanin itself. I don’t know what other brands are like. Anyway, OBK’s kojic acid mainly prevents melanoblasts from producing melanin (this part is mainly aimed at the melanin in the deep epidermis that borders the dermis. mother cells) together with other components to block the transfer of melanin to the outer layer of the epidermis, and to allow the melanin accumulated in the outer layer of the epidermis to be metabolized more quickly (this part is mainly aimed at the outermost stratum corneum of the epidermis). Another whitening pathway is to restore melanin (this part is aimed at the melanin that has been produced in various parts of the epidermis). If these pathways are gathered together, the whitening effect will be faster and more obvious. This time the Zanthoxylum bungeanum extract is considered to be a new way. There may be no new discoveries in the production and depigmentation of melanin for the time being, and the functions of the existing products are completely sufficient. It turned out that the ingredients that can prevent the spread of melanin were added, which is the icing on the cake.

This reminds me of Kao’s ALBLANC whitening essence last year, and it has also updated a very novel function. Kao discovered that the number of melanoblasts is not fixed and will increase, so it added ingredients that prevent the increase of melanoblasts. What is a melanin chromoblast? It is a factory that produces melanin. If it increases, the melanin will also be doubled. It can be regarded as an icing on the cake function, which is similar to the pepper extract added by OBK this time.

COSME AQ Mono Eyeshadow

0205-1.jpg0205-2.jpg 15 Dark Indigo, 18 Apricot Orange
1g ¥3,800+tax
Japanese site

A while ago, I saw an article about Virgo’s 2023 lucky makeup on the daily magazine MAQUIA , and I was immediately planted with eye shadow and lipstick. Put the lipstick in the grass planting list first, and then buy it when you don’t need to wear a mask and can show your true colors. I couldn’t wait to buy this eyeshadow immediately, it’s so beautiful! ! ! I have also looked at the makeup of other constellations, and Virgo is the one that pokes me the most! ! ! The main thing is that this kind of clean and intellectual temperament is completely based on my preferences!

I bought two colors, 18 is matte and 15 is a metallic color with a little silver shimmer in it. In the article, only the color number 15 is written, but I feel that the model should still use the base color in the photos, because the eyes are a little bit colored. At that time, I was thinking of using the color that suits me as a primer, but when I checked the eye shadow color number on the official website of COSME, I found that this 18 is also very good-looking! When I went to the counter to test the color, I found that 18 is actually not as high saturation as it looks on the plate. In summary, even a light layer of 18 can also be used as a primer! Impasto can also be used as the main color, why not buy it right away? ? ?

Having said that, I never expected that the monochromatic eye shadow of this series of COSME AQ will come with a small cotton swab, which is kind of cute…

SUQQU eyelash curler refill

Japanese site

SUQQU This eyelash curler is really good, so I went to buy a replacement core. The two on the left are refills, and the right is a sample of the primer and foundation.

bareMinerals Lipstick

3.6g ¥3300+tax
Japanese site

This is the series of lipsticks for Virgo 2023 Lucky Makeup mentioned above on MAQUIA . But it’s not the color I bought…I went to the counter to try the color, and found that the color INTEGRITY in Kaiyun makeup is too brown, which is very unusual. I feel that it needs to be matched with some more gothic or dark-style clothing styles. I usually don’t follow this route, so I gave up. I didn’t want to buy it at first, but the cabinet sister took out this AWARENESS and said that it is more reddish brown than INTEGRITY, and it is a limited color. I tried the color and it looks really nice, it is a more mature color that I would prefer in the past. And it’s limited, so why not buy it! So I bought the first lipstick after the epidemic!

Predia Restorative Wash

600ml JP¥2,700+tax & 640g JP¥4,000+tax
Japanese site: SHAMPOO , HAIR MASK

I have been interested in this shampoo for a long time. I bought a trial pack that can be used once a while ago and tried it. It is quite good. The KNOLL I use now can no longer handle the frizz and dryness at the end of my hair. I don’t know whether it is because my hair quality is really bad or KNOLL is not as easy to use as before. But Predia can, and the hair really changed and became less frizzy the next day after the trial pack was used up.

And the fragrance is relatively refreshing, so I decided to buy a large bottle directly. I really don’t like the current taste of KNOLL. Since it became the current taste, I should have complained on the blog several times. If it is not really easy to use, I will definitely not repurchase it.

Not much to say about other brands, Predia is also a KOSE brand, focusing on natural minerals such as ocean water. Anyway, I can’t see what it’s for. KOSE is like this. I’m too lazy to find out what their brand is for. Anyway, I’ve searched the official website and I don’t understand it.



  • fino hair mask : I used it a long time ago, and the impression left is that the hair is really smooth after use, but I don’t like the fragrance so I haven’t repurchased it. I have been thinking about this repurchase for a long time, because I plan to use a hair mask on the drier part of the hair before washing my hair and let it sit for 10 minutes before washing my hair, so it does not need to be too expensive. The fragrance will be washed off It doesn’t affect much. After much deliberation, I think this is the most cost-effective, so I repurchase it.


  • CANMAKE Gel Eyeliner Pen 03 Dark Brown : In the end I bought it again, there is really nothing cheaper and easier to use…

  • S Foaming Net : The must-have tool for bouncy, rich cleansing foam!

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