Python actual combat aircraft war game

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Airplane War Game Introduction

  • Hand-in-hand lead everyone to 编写每一行代码, and work together to complete a 完全面向对象版本of the actual combat project of aircraft warfare.

  • In the process of writing and explaining the project code, 每行代码都有详尽的注释.

  • After learning this practical project, you can master Python项目开发中的众多技能, including: coding standards, object orientation, code refactoring, etc., which can 极大地提高Python技能和水平.

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Build a development environment

  1. Python

  2. Integrated Development Environment PyCharm

  3. 3rd party library pygame for game development

 pip3 install pygame pip3 install pygame -i python3 -m pygame.examples.aliens

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