Ransomware attacks surge in Japan

As AI translation tools improve, regions such as Japan that were once rarely attacked due to language issues are becoming targets of ransomware gangs. Data from the Japan National Police Agency shows that in the first half of 2022, a total of 114 reports were received from 30 prefectures, an increase of 87% from 61 reports in the same period of the previous year, of which 59 were small and medium-sized enterprises, 36 were large companies, and groups were 19 onwards. In terms of industries, manufacturing and service industries are the majority, but companies of all sizes and industries have suffered losses. Questionnaire surveys conducted on affected companies showed that 55% of the total expenses for investigation and recovery were more than 10 million yen. Of the 48 cases where the victim data was backed up, at least 36 cases could not be recovered.

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