Recommended solutions for file transfer between Windows and IOS devices in LAN/Intranet



I only share a few solutions that I have tested and can still receive. This article does not consider public network transmission.

may not be the optimal solution, there are many methods available

IOS applications that support upload and mutual transfer

For example, IOS applications such as ES, Filebox, and Alook all support monitoring the body port, and other devices upload through HTTP access.

The upload speed of this method is still average, but it is faster than most home broadband and public network.

data cable connection

For example, Aisi, iTunes and other PC applications, this method is more troublesome for devices with poor cables and ports, and the operation is more duplicated

Webpage Web RTC Transport requires the device to support webrtc. Note that some browsers, plug-ins, and proxy software may block webrtc. This speed is average, but fairly stable.

Sending HTTP mount sharing (that is, Everything) Use this software on the computer to map all the hard disks of the entire computer to HTTP web pages, and other devices can directly access HTTP. For IOS devices, please use ES can download videos, or play videos directly with software such as Filebox. I am quite satisfied with the transfer speed.

chfs is similar to this, I just use Everything.

SMB mount sharing on the sender side

Note that the SMB limit speed is just that, not very fast, and the receiving end needs to support the SMB protocol (such as Filebox and ES)

This can be shared directly on the computer, please refer to this article

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