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Counting today, I went to the National Tennis Center to watch live games three times in total. The first two times were in 2011 and 2017, exactly every six years, which is not a short interval. I used to go to China Open, and every time I went, I was very lucky, because I met Ivanovic and Hingis twice, especially when I met Hingis in 2017, when I was walking by the open court of the tennis center, I was surprised to find doubles on the court. In the game, there was a tennis goddess I had watched since I was a child. I still remember the excitement at that time. But this time it was only the FILA KIDS Diamond Cup Youth Tennis Challenge. The reason why I went to the venue was because I was attracted by the gimmick that I could go to the box to watch the game. Because it is inconvenient to travel during the holidays, I miss the feeling of watching football on the spot during the holidays. Except for the use of professional courts, youth games are almost all simplified: only one set is played in each of the two games, there are no ball boys on the sidelines, and only one referee. The setting of no caddy leads to interesting scenes. For example, the young players occasionally ran to pick up (find) the ball behind the billboard before serving. Once they hit the audience, they needed the first row of audience to throw it back into the court. , a bit like a football field. I didn’t see the coach on the sidelines, only the parents. The two parents in the first game, one was two rows ahead of me, and the other was in front of me to the right, separated by only one aisle. After the game, the young players went directly to the stands to find their parents. The two parents simply said hello. One of the young players even sat next to his father and watched the second game for a while. Such close contact with the elements of the competition is probably only available in this kind of youth competition. Although I missed watching the game in the box because I arrived late today, the game was more enjoyable than I expected. The good thing is that there were more rallies in the two games. Although the women’s singles game needs to improve their serving skills, they run more than the men’s singles. While watching the ball, people sigh, the next “Li Na” and “Zheng Jie” may appear soon, maybe on the court. Now when I go to various places with many people, I will sigh from time to time that the past three years have been like a dream.

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