Returning to China after three years

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After three years of the epidemic, the policy finally slowed down. Ever since they knew that the isolation system had been cancelled, the whole family began to “crash”. It just so happens that there is a long holiday on May 1st, so I saved up to eleven days. I tracked the air ticket persistently, and finally found the most suitable one in plan ABCD. I confirmed the vacation, bought the air ticket, booked the hotel, bought the train ticket, and made the itinerary plan in one go. My travel planning DNA has moved again, tired and looking forward to it. Because there is no direct flight, we need to change trains in Xiamen. And because the flight time was too late, we decided to stay in Xiamen for one night before leaving for Fuzhou the next day. I divided this return trip into three small tasks and conveyed them to Popo——

  1. Arrive in Xiamen and check in hotel

  2. Arrive in Fuzhou and meet grandparents

  3. back home in japan

Various return slopes
Various return slopes

The journey was very smooth, and I have experienced the most primitive happiness that I have not seen for a long time after returning to China. I have lived up to my low mood of worrying about emotional instability before returning to China, my patience with the older generation’s favorite children, and my readjustment after returning to Japan. mentally prepared for the state. The seven members of the three families are all healthy and beautiful. There is nothing more pleasant and reassuring than this. So after returning to Japan, I still miss the delicious food in my hometown and the long vacation. Even though I was always full during my return to China, I still have ambivalence about the vacation. bring. Fortunately, in the three years since I didn’t go back, the consistency of bringing up the baby was surprisingly good. The whole family listened to me. Although the absolute value of internal friction in parenting is high, the relative value may be the smallest. Grandparents and grandparents are also very self-aware. Although they can’t help but love, they also understand that it won’t last long. While reluctant to part with Popo, they also experience the hardships of raising a baby. I am very grateful for their attitude, which greatly relieved the fatigue caused by parenting. I am most grateful to Popo, who proved the benefits of consistent parenting with practical actions, and gave me the ease that no one dared to point fingers at.

After summarizing the feelings and then summarizing the truth, the harvest of this trip back to China is as follows:

  1. I met my parents whom I haven’t seen in three years (grandparents and grandparents)

  2. Enjoyed hometown food

  3. Renewed the expired ID cards of both parties, valid for 20 years

  4. back to alma mater high school

  5. dinner with relatives and friends

  6. It is scheduled to go back to China next time to give Popo account

All the plans I made before returning to China were implemented smoothly, and I am extremely friendly to people who are sensitive to changes like me. Because it takes more than half a month to register, I am considering going back to China at the end of the year and staying until the Spring Festival is over before returning. I have always wanted to take Popo to experience the atmosphere of the Spring Festival. The details are complicated, and the long-term plan is in order!

Fuzhou No.3 Middle School
Our alma mater & the high school Popo couldn’t get into – Fuzhou No. 3 Middle School

A little digression at the end. In the second half of last year, after I decided to give up serialized blog posts, my motivation to update my blog has increased. So far, I am in an updated state in 2023. I haven’t enjoyed this refreshing feeling without delay for a long time. The current blogging standard was established as “daily” and “travel” in last year’s action of breaking away. To put it bluntly, it is to record the usual eating, drinking and playing experience and the experience of eating, drinking and playing when traveling. Ordinarily, this range is already very narrow, but I am really an “immediate charge”, especially after having a baby, I was forced to improve the level, so the half month before returning to China because I was afraid of getting injured and did not dare to exercise, I set aside my exercise time I took them all out for blogging, which is barely up to the standard. It is also these days that make me reflect on whether I need to lower the standard. After all, I am afraid that I will have to write for a week according to this standard for the trip back home. After several struggles, I figured it out, and I will leave the running account to Google Photos. After all, organizing photos is also quite laborious. As for the text output, let’s leave it to thinking and investigation, and of course my favorite travel notes.

The previous article was written according to the new standard, and I tried my best to summarize it. I feel that the article has “done” a lot at once, and my literary attainments have also improved a lot. In the past, I had a need for both pictures and texts, so the text injection was used to support the pictures. Because the protagonists of the current pictures are basically Po Po, I began to worry about exposing privacy too much, so even though pictures can convey information faster and more accurately than text, I decided to return to the safe area and hand over the pictures to the private network album, while the text remains in the safe space. Publicly accessible blogs to share with the world.

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