Self-portrait dressed as the apostle Paul

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It’s Sunday, so we’re continuing our special collaboration month with the Rijksmuseum . This amazing museum would not exist without one of the brightest stars of the Dutch Golden Age: Rembrandt van Rijn. Rembrandt is known for painting self-portraits, in which he presents himself as 55 years old (he still sees himself candidly) disguised as the biblical apostle Paul. The sword protruding from the cloak and the manuscript in his hand are characteristic of the apostles. By depicting his own face, Rembrandt encouraged the viewer to come into contact with the saint in person.

Rembrandt’s biography clearly shows that he was a bold and courageous artist. We also try to be bold (:D), so we plan to develop a brand new, shiny, amazing, fantastic new version of the Daily Art app. Learn more about this project and help us by donating . Thank you!

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91 × ​​77cm


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