Shanghai study claims that domestic vaccines have a 90% protection rate for the elderly in severe cases

The “Frontiers of Medicine” jointly sponsored by Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Higher Education Press, and Chinese Academy of Engineering published online the paper “The host protection of Omicron BA. effect”. From March 1 to June 27, 2022, a total of 649,354 people were infected with the new crown in Shanghai, of which 591,349 cases (91.06%) were asymptomatic infections, and a total of 588 cases (0.09%) died. This round of outbreaks was caused by the Amicron BA.2.2 substrain. Because of its super transmission ability and immune escape ability, Omicron was imported into Shanghai from abroad, and it quickly caused large-scale community transmission. The above study summarized and analyzed the clinical characteristics of 9911 symptomatic infected patients admitted to the public health center during this round of epidemic, less than half of them had been vaccinated with domestic inactivated vaccines (Sinopharm or Kexing vaccine). Based on epidemiological studies, it was found that among the symptomatic infected persons infected with BA.2.2, the proportion of severe/critically ill patients was low, only 2.76%, and it was mainly seen in the elderly population over 60 years old, and symptomatic infected persons under the age of 60 The rate of moderately severe/critically ill is only 0.25%, and there is no case of severe/critically ill under the age of 20. The overall severe disease rate in society, including asymptomatic infections, is about 0.2%. For patients over 60 years old who received 2-3 doses of inactivated vaccines, the severe disease protection rate can reach 90.15%.

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