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Almost got scammed by a liar 🤣 , or took the initiative to take the bait…


Today, for some reason, I randomly searched for a public code receiving platform on the Internet. After receiving the text message I wanted to use, I suddenly saw this message:

NEW BlTMØ L0GlN || || Username:Huzhou Pa**word:4894688 BaIance:65.77BTC………

I didn’t pay much attention to the meaning of this message, but since I have the website name, user name and password, I can’t help but want to log in, and then I will see that there is a huge amount of property in the account. When I logged in, there was still 67 BTC in my account, which is about 1400wCNY in conversion.

fall into the trap

When I first opened this website, I didn’t realize it was a scam website. I thought it was an exchange, but since I logged in, I naturally wanted to see what functions the website has after logging in. The first thing I saw was some recharge Functions such as cash withdrawal, transfer, and billing seem to be quite relevant, but after trying a few functions other than transfer, they are actually useless. Recharge and billing require a security key. In addition to the need to use a security key for cash withdrawal, the system says that the account has not been withdrawn for a year, so the withdrawal function is disabled, but transfers can still be made:

Withdrawal to your registered ฿itcoin wallet address has been disabled because you haven’t withdrawn for more than 365 days. To reactivate withdrawal you need to contact customer care and provide your secure key you created during account registration.

You will still be able to carry out transfers and transactions from your account balance to other BITMO VIP members without your secure key for the next 6 months.

So I registered an account without even thinking about it, thinking that since I have this function, I will transfer some money to myself. After registering the account, I found that I was a free account, and I couldn’t use any functions except to activate VIP, and to activate VIP, I had to deposit at least 0.004 BTC, which is equivalent to more than 800 CNY. Of course, it is impossible for me to open a VIP. I plan to try to transfer money to my account first.

During the transfer process, only 0.2BTC can be transferred at most at one time, and it seems that the same IP can only be transferred once. I tried to transfer 0.2BTC to my account, but it was successful 😨 , After all, 0.2BTC is equivalent to more than 40,000 CNY, so I changed another IP and transferred it again, which was also successful, but the third time it would fail. It seems that the free account can only accept 0.4BTC at most. Then I logged into my account and took a look. I thought I would go straight to VIP6 after the transfer, but the system showed that the free account cannot accept transfers, and VIP must be activated:

Hello MAYX, the user HUZHOU has recently tried to transfer 0.40000 ฿TC ($12088.33) to your account. Our system witheld the transfer because free-trial accounts cannot send or receive Bitcoin through our service. Once you make an investment in any of our VIP plans, our system will automatically add the 0.40000 ฿TC ($12088.33) to your VIP account balance.


At this time, I began to doubt the identity of this website. I glanced at the help, and it showed that this platform was founded in 2014, but I searched the WHOIS of the domain name and found that it was created on 2023-05-28…that is It is impossible for a big shot to deposit so much money in a year or earlier. Google searched this platform and found no relevant results. It seems that it is a scam website. After all, even the lowest VIP costs a lot of money, and the probability of getting the 0.4 BTC after charging it in can only be said to be 0%…It’s a pity that I missed a chance to make a fortune. 🤣 .

After looking at its source code, why is there Chinese in it? 🤣 , it turned out to be a fraudulent website developed by Chinese people. After a closer look, I found that the errors reported by other functions are all hard-coded, and there is no request to the server at all. 😅 .


The first two scam emails I received , the rich woman looking for a partner and the poorly filmed video, can be said to be real fools, because the content is too outrageous, and there are too few people who can be fooled, and after I send the email, they have to return it. Reply, is also very inefficient. The scam I encountered this time is much better. It makes people who are cheated have a sense of participation, and after the website is built, you don’t have to do anything, just wait for someone to send money. The efficiency is very high, and it’s pretty similar. The thing is, it is estimated that there will be many people who are deceived.

But after thinking about it, this kind of text message is most likely to be the kind of spam text message sent in groups. In fact, there should not be many people who actively log in. 😂 .

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