Shawn Yue fashion brand MADNESS may go bankrupt

According to Jiemian News, the reporter found through a comprehensive search that the MADNESS Tmall flagship store has ceased operations recently. On Xiaohongshu and Weibo, some netizens said that the MADNESS Beijing Sanlitun Taikoo Li flagship store will stop operating after the lease expires. Interface Fashion seeks a response from MADNESS regarding the closure of the Tmall flagship store and whether the Sanlitun flagship store will be closed or not, but has not received any reply so far. The reporter called MADNESS’s Sanlitun store, and the clerk said that the store is currently operating normally and has not received a notice of closure. | Related reading (Tiger Sniff)

Shi Jingshan Xin Zhilei

Celebrities make trendy brands more by relying on their personal IP to provide the greatest value for the brand. The price-performance ratio of the Madness brand itself is worrying, and many review bloggers have criticized it. After all, clothing cannot be called a trendy brand if it is oversized, brightly colored, or printed with a logo.

The epidemic has been going on for three years and the economy has been in a downturn. The added value of celebrities cannot conceal the reality that the goods and prices are not equal. Consumers do not buy it, and the brand retreats in time, which is also expected. I am afraid that apart from Shawn Yue’s brand, there are many brands that are on the verge of danger.

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