Shiyue Weekly (Issue 21): One-way Space

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This is the 21st issue of Shiyue Weekly. The single weekend is too short, isn’t it~

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[Podcast] 116. Farewell to Tianya Community: Guantian Tea House→Tianya Zacha→Entertainment Gossip – Random Books

The closure of the Tianya community may not have made any sense to young netizens, but it caused quite a stir in the circle of old netizens. In this episode of Pan Luan’s podcast, Du Zijian, born in the 60s, chopping firewood for ten years in the 70s, and Wanxi, born in the 80s, were invited to chat about this matter. They have all worked as moderators and administrators in the Tianya community. It talked a lot about the early history of Tianya Community, and to some extent, it is also the early history of China’s Internet, that era that people miss.

A few more posts to share:

【Podcast】Ep16 Lan Xiaohuan: The Ins and Outs of “Stay Inside” – Random Walk @ 2021

“Being in the Matter” is on my bookshelf and I haven’t read it yet~

This podcast was recorded shortly after the book was published in 2021. Lan Xiaohuan introduced a lot of creative background, especially the influence of two years of practical experience on personal thoughts and concepts.

Notes on Teaching in Prison – Less Wrong

The author taught in a prison in France for half a year, and wrote some observations and reflections. Some data, such as:

  • As of December 2018, there were 80,000 prisoners in France, and another 170,000 were on probation or in service. These 250,000 people were under the responsibility of 28,000 prison guards and 5,000 probation officers/wardens, with an annual budget of 2.79 billion euros. The average cost per person is 11,000 euros. (For comparison, check the per capita income of 35,000 euros in France in 2018).
  • Most prisons in France are overloaded, and the author’s prison is overloaded by 1.4 times (actual number of detainees/design number of detainees).
  • The vast majority of prisoners are men, with women accounting for only 2.8%.
  • The average education level is extremely low: 1/10 prisoners do not know French, 1/10 are illiterate, and half of them cannot write decent sentences.

There are also some phenomena, such as:

  • For prisoners, small prisons (often old and old) are better than large prisons (often new), because small prisons have fewer people and it is easier to get acquainted with prison guards, and large prisons are completely standardized management.
  • Prison guards and prisoners will form a certain tacit understanding when they get along for a long time. During the replacement of prison guards, conflicts are most likely to occur between prisoners and prison guards, but then a new tacit understanding will be formed.

“Shuffle” has ruled the world for 40 years, is it worth our reflection? | Geek Park

The music randomly plays this history, which is very interesting. Breaking up a complete thing and reorganizing it is also a kind of creation. But smashing, that is, fragmentation, the current recommendation is a kind of randomness.

fin on Twitter: This is a paper that breaks the myth of GPT’s “emergence” concept

In a word, the so-called “emergence” ability of GPT is because the evaluation standard of “reaching the standard” has been artificially modified, giving people the illusion of “emergence”. Once a more reasonable evaluation index is used, it will be found that the GPT ability value increases with the model It grows linearly .

Why is this paper so important? Because it fundamentally negates emergence, when we extend the timeline, we no longer need to consider myths such as AI ability mutations. The ability development of the LLM model is smoother and more predictable, which can make us more intelligent. Take a calm and objective look at the speed of AI development.

India bans flagship client for the Matrix network

India banned Element (an end-to-end encrypted chat software based on the matrix protocol), this is a blog post on their official website, which mentioned that a total of 14 instant messaging applications were blocked by India.

Big countries, especially late-developing countries, are controlling the Internet, not only for security reasons, but also because they want to build their own ecology, and do not want their markets to be harvested by the first-mover countries.

As for the small countries that are latecomers, it may not be that they don’t want to control and are unable to build their own ecology.

The depreciation of academic qualifications has only just begun – Jiubian

In 1977, my grandfather was admitted to a technical secondary school, which caused a sensation in the whole county.
In 1992, my father was admitted to a junior college, and the head teacher personally sent the admission notice!
In 2017, I was admitted to the undergraduate program, still 985, but the whole family had a meal of grilled fish.

After my grandfather graduated, he brought the whole family into the city!
After my father graduated, he bought a house for his family in a first-tier city!
After I graduated, I caught up with the epidemic and have been unemployed for half a year now.

I am very confused now, should I continue to look for a job? Or postgraduate entrance examination?

This is the real situation of a netizen family. For more than 40 years, great changes have taken place in society, and the fortunes of the three generations of grandparents are also different. 40 years ago, knowledge could really change one’s destiny, even for a technical secondary school student, it was remarkable. 40 years later, knowledge is just knowledge, and it is almost impossible to cross classes and change destiny through knowledge.

‘There is no news’: What a change from 1930 to today – BBC News .

A very short article, introducing that at 20:45 on April 18, 93 years ago, the BBC news program had no news to play, and then played piano music for 15 minutes.

Looking back at today, the news is overwhelming.


After watching The Three-Body Problem, I now look at online public opinion every day and want to be an Adventist.

It is no longer possible for human society to rely on its own power to solve its own problems, and it is impossible to rely on its own power to restrain its own madness; therefore, the Lord should come to the world and use its power to carry out compulsory supervision and transformation of human society. To create a brand new, bright and perfect human civilization.

tool resources

microblogpub’s microblog

A self-hosted single-user microblog program compatible with the ActivityPub protocol. I tried to build a demo . The official image is not provided. I build it myself, which is time-consuming. If there is no memos , I really want to make this demo a regular one.

News Minimalist: Only Significant News. All Signal, No Noise

News minimalism. This website uses ChatGPT technology to pick out the really important news from more than 1,000 news items (sources are all big media) every day. I pay attention to them for a few days, usually no more than 10 items, and the content tends to be political and economical. field.

Easy web scraper by Databar – Chrome Web Store

A Chrome plug-in that directly extracts web page elements to form structured data and exports it as a csv file.

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An unexpected discovery at home during the May Day holiday: Xu Zhiyuan×Liu Yichun: Why We Build

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