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Meg Ryan is returning to the big screen, directing and starring in the rom-com What Happens Later. The actor is David Duchovny, the protagonist of the well-known TV series “X-Files”.

What Happens Later

Meg Ryan’s career as an actress has been shaped by this type, but it’s also the type she’s best able to play. I think people who used to love her films, including me, would very much welcome her back.

Meg Ryan and David Duchovny are both over sixty. There are many first-line male stars who continue to play leading roles over the age of 60, such as Tom Cruise. But women have more restrictions.

I’m reminded of a more serious film, 1995’s “Bridge to Madison.” Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep were sixty-five and forty-six years old, respectively.

The male and female protagonists are both over sixty years old, and it is a romantic comedy, which is also rare in history. This level seems to be the most suitable for Meglaine to break through. Hope she and this movie succeed.

Until the last century, it was difficult to imagine a romantic comedy with a hero and heroine over sixty. Sixty years old was already “old” in people’s minds at that time. But this combination seems quite natural in the age of aging.

Also at the age of 60, the actor’s body will of course be better maintained than the average person. If I didn’t check the age specifically, I wouldn’t have thought that the two protagonists are both over sixty years old. But the mentality is still similar.

Based on the stage play “Shooting Star,” the movie tells the story of a young couple who accidentally reunite after being stranded at the same airport by the weather after more than two decades of separation.

I don’t know if you have ever liked someone (or just a close friend) when you were young and reunited years later. I once reunited with an old friend by chance over thirty years ago. The temperament of the other party is exactly the same as the impression when he was young, but more mature. I hope that I am also in her eyes, instead of becoming a vulgar and wretched uncle.

From “When Harry Met Sally”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Courage in the Line of Fire”, “Electronic Love Letter”, “Electronic Love Letter”, “Electronic Love Letter”, spanning twelve years. Then another twenty-three years later, no one expected Meg Lane to return to the big screen, back to the rom-com.

Those of us who watched the movie grew up with Meg Ryan. In all fairness, I don’t expect too much from “What Happens Later”. The basic skill of movie appreciation is not to have high expectations for movies just because of certain elements of the movie (such as liking a certain actor in particular).

But I do look forward to seeing Meg Lane in the movie again. Not just feel the movie, but feel yourself.

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