SK hynix announces ‘world’s fastest’ mobile DRAM running at 9.6Gbps


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South Korea’s “Asia Daily” reported on January 25 that SK Hynix said on the 25th that it has successfully developed the fastest mobile DRAM (memory) – LPDDR5T (Low Power Double Data Rate 5 Turbo).

SK Hynix has developed LPDDR5T with improved performance in two months after launching mobile DRAM LPDDR5X in November last year. The product runs 13 percent faster than existing offerings at 9.6Gbps. To emphasize its ultra-high speed, SK Hynix added the word “Turbo” to the name of the “LPDDR5” specification, the company said.

SK hynix plans to mass-produce 10nm-based 4th generation (1a) fine process products from the second half of this year, and will also adopt the “HKMG (High-K Metal Gate)” process for its new products. The HKMG process is a new generation process that uses a high-K gate dielectric on the insulating film in the DRAM transistor to prevent leakage current and improve electrostatic capacity. It is characterized by improving memory speed and reducing power consumption.

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