“Skilled Talent” completed the Pre-A round of financing

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36 Krypton learned that the blue-collar vocational skills education platform “Skills to Talent” has completed tens of millions of PreA rounds of financing in 2020, invested by individual investors. It is reported that this round of financing supports the product development of “skilled talents”, seed user mining and business model exploration.

“Skills to Talent” is a blue-collar skills learning and employment service platform. The purpose is to let blue-collars use fragmented time to improve their skills and create a blue-collar communication circle.

“Skills to become talented” belongs to Zhixing Global Company, which was established in 2014. The initial business was to provide offline training for Internet white-collar workers. Provide workplace training in the form of software. Sun Chaoxiu told 36 Krypton that during the implementation process, it was found that the skills of white-collar workers are basically hidden skills, which are difficult to standardize.

It just so happened that in recent years, the country’s emphasis on vocational skills training has continued to increase, allowing Sun Chaoxiu to focus on the blue-collar vocational skills training track. Since 2019, the state has introduced a series of policies to increase the number of skilled talents in order to stimulate and solve the problems of backward supply of skilled workers and neglect of technical education.

In fact, the reason why the country continues to introduce policies to encourage blue-collar skills training is because China’s employment structure has gradually changed in recent years. According to the national recruitment data for the second quarter of 2021 released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in July, the shortage of high-skilled talents is relatively obvious, such as “instrument and meter manufacturers”, “mechanical fitters”, “stamping workers” and “metal heat treatment workers (welders)” etc. There is a shortage of occupations, and the gap continues to increase. Although my country has 200 million skilled laborers, there are only 50 million high-skilled personnel, which is lower than Japan’s 40% and Germany’s 50%.

The contradiction arises from this—although many skilled laborers are produced during the education stage, the proportion of them growing into high-skilled talents, that is, “sharp blue” is not high.

“Skilled Talent” aims at this market space. At present, the “skilled talent” platform can provide three services for blue-collar talents who have worked for 1 to 8 years: online learning, Q&A, and employment opportunities.

Among them, online learning is a 3-5 minute teaching video about a specific problem or skill improvement recorded by “Skills to Talent”. Sun Chaoxiu’s high-speed 36 krypton, for blue-collar talents, they don’t need to systematically learn a certain skill from beginning to end, they only need to learn specific things when they encounter specific problems in actual work. There are free and paid instructional videos.

The question-and-answer section is divided into general question-and-answer and expert question-and-answer. The former is similar to an interactive community and is free; the latter is answered one-on-one by more than a dozen expert groups invited by “Skills to Talent”, and this part is charged.

The employment opportunity section is to provide employment opportunities for blue-collar talents, and “skilled talent” charges recruiting companies.


e-learning section


Q&A section

At present, “Skills to Talent” has realized the one-stop service of online learning, expert Q&A and employment in the two fields of auto repair and metal heat treatment (welding). Sun Chaoxiu Expressway 36 krypton, the reason why these two fields were chosen first is because firstly, these two fields have a large base of employed people, and secondly, the income of high-skilled talents in this field is relatively high, which can stimulate young skilled talents who have just started working to improve their skills.

Of course, most of the current charging models for “skilled talents” are charged to C-end workers, and how to acquire customers has become a more core issue. According to the founder, the team will cooperate closely with experienced and prestigious skill masters and model workers, and build an online skill circle with them to attract users. This model is equivalent to moving the offline “skill master studio” online, breaking the boundaries of time and space, so that young skilled talents can learn and communicate with industry leaders at low cost and high efficiency.

In addition, in participating in the relevant publicity and teaching material publishing work of the WorldSkills Competition, “Skills to Talent” has accumulated a large number of skilled talent mentor resources. In 2026, the WorldSkills Competition will be held in Shanghai, China, and “Skills to Talent” will continue to actively participate.

WorldSkills Competition (WorldSkills Competition, WSC) is by far the highest, largest and most influential professional skills competition in the world. Its level of competition represents the world’s advanced level of professional skills development. important platform.

It is worth mentioning that on November 27, all 62 competition events of the 2022 WorldSkills Competition Special Competition will end. The Chinese delegation won a total of 21 gold medals (furniture making, fine woodworking, electronic technology, CNC turning, CNC milling, mobile robots, heavy vehicle maintenance, industrial control, electrical equipment, etc.), 3 silver medals, and 3 silver medals in 34 projects they participated in. 4 bronze medals and 5 winning awards, ranking first in the gold medal list, and the number of gold medals surpassed the best results in all 56 projects in the 45th WorldSkills Competition. The winning rate of gold medals was as high as 62%. The rate is as high as 97%, achieving a new breakthrough. This means that since China joined the World Skills Organization in 2010, the level of vocational skills education in China has continued to improve in the past ten years.

In the future, “Skills to Talent” will continue to expand its coverage, and want to serve China’s 200 million skilled blue-collar workers.

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