Special Forces Travel – One-day Tour to Ma’anshan

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Last weekend I went on a special forces trip with my friends. Haha, it’s a new thing that college students like to do nowadays.

It’s really close to Xiaoma by car from Yuhuatai. We set off at around 10 a.m., and the first stop was李大叔渣肉蒸饭(老八中店) next to the High School Affiliated to Anhui University of Technology. The price is really cheap, 9 yuan for a small portion, 13 yuan for a large portion, and 16 yuan for a deluxe version. It is much cheaper than in Nanjing.

Uncle Li's steamed rice with slag meat.jpg

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The weather was a bit hot today, but otherwise fine. After eating, it was just before 12 o’clock, and we immediately went to Yushan Lake Park to take a look at this large park.

It’s really big, and I went back and forth with Xuanwu Lake Park. The environment is really good, but there are not many people there, maybe it’s noon, and it’s still very hot.

Yushan Lake Park.jpg

I met a kitten who was not afraid of people at all, but was very attached to us.

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Hey, fix the cat

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There are patches of flowers on the other side of the lake, all blooming at the same time, which is very beautiful.

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After visiting the lake, we went to the Golden Eagle next to it. This is the most fashionable and fashionable mall in Ma’anshan and the favorite shopping mall among young people. It is comparable to Xinjiekou in Nanjing.

I drank a pretty good卡旺卡. It is said that some friends from Nanjing even came to Xiaoma to drink this stuff…

Later we drove to Caishiji. In September 2020, when I was in my former company, I was stationed in Caishiji, Ma’anshan for more than half a month to do on-site development. Coming here again was like revisiting my old place. The changes are actually quite big, but things have changed, and the friends, colleagues, and Jingjin around me have changed again. And I am the kind of person who is not good at actively contacting old classmates and colleagues. Many relationships are really difficult to maintain.

I forgot to take pictures in Caishiji. Later, I visited长江不夜城. To be honest, I felt that it was a bit “big”. The investment was huge, but the return cycle would be long. The people who eat melons still have to express their shock, and they did a good job.

Caishiji, Ma'anshan.jpg

For dinner, we went to Gate 3 of the Teachers College. There were a lot of delicious food and there were many beautiful girls.

Gate 3 of Ma'anshan Teachers College.jpg

The pot stickers cost 1 yuan for 2 pieces, and I bought 4 of them; the fried buns cost 1 yuan for each. The total cost is 3 yuan, and there is also a 3 yuan mung bean soup drink, which is incredibly cheap.

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The total number of steps is 24,000+, and the one-day tour of Ma’anshan for Special Forces Travel is over.

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