Start your own business – #24 Continue independent development of Geon Paid

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This issue of Yizuo Paid has made some updates, mainly including:

  1. Access to Alipay standard payment channels
  2. The background interface supports manual increase or decrease of user balance
  3. Member data import increases execution progress and supports mass import
  4. Add alias field to paywall and equity to facilitate API integration
  5. Other minor improvements in interface and functionality

I also migrated the membership system of AntRead to Geezaw Pay. It took about half a day to integrate the code, and then spent some time testing and verifying. In the future, I will write an article to introduce the migration process. The code of Antread is also open source, which is convenient for users to use as a reference for actual cases.

In the last issue, I applied for Qiji Chuangtan Investment, and the result came out, but unfortunately I failed. Investors’ feedback mainly included [there are many existing alternatives] and [the project is not advancing fast enough]. I think this feedback is very accurate and worth thinking about.

There are many alternatives

The main alternatives are to build a self-built membership system and connect to payment channels, and the other is to directly use the APP store SDK to realize in-app purchases.

I try to answer the question [Why choose me], which is also the iterative direction of the product:

  1. Cost: Reduce development costs, allowing developers to implement full membership payment functions in just a few hours. The product should be very easy to integrate, friendly to developers, and provide nanny-level tutorials and open source examples.
  2. Practical: Unify the entire platform, handle platform differences and various boundary conditions. Provide complete background management, data reporting, team collaboration functions. Support domestic and overseas markets, and provide internationalization and localization solutions.
  3. Trust: Data security and financial-level security. Do a good job in system design to ensure long-term stable operation. Continuous improvement and accumulation of good reputation.

The project is not moving fast enough

Due to various things in these months, I really don’t have much time to invest in Geelong payment.

It was originally planned to develop 3 new projects this year, but there was not enough time. I plan to only make a simple APP for the whole platform, experience the development of APP and put it on the App Store, which can also be used as a reference case for Yezuo payment.

I feel that Yizuo payment is still far from being profitable, but this product is indeed valuable. I will continue to develop it independently, and if there is a chance, I will consider recruiting part-time partners.


  1. The subject failed three times, which may have caused serious mistakes due to being too nervous.
  2. A few days before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the local epidemic has been closed for more than 10 days. After the closure is lifted, the subject three will continue to be tested.
  3. Outsourced project completed and payment received.

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