Statistics show that Microsoft Bing has become the largest desktop search engine in China

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According to StatCounter data, in the desktop search market in mainland China, Baidu’s share has continued to decline since 2022, while Microsoft’s Bing’s share has been rising steadily. By April 2023, Microsoft’s Bing’s share will hit a record high again, reaching 37.4%, replacing Baidu as China’s largest desktop search engine; Baidu’s share has dropped to 27.01%, about 10% higher than Microsoft’s Bing. The third to sixth search engines are Sogou, Yandex, Haosou, and Google, and their market shares are 16.36%, 7.45%, 6.25%, and 5.2%, respectively.

Since Google withdrew from the mainland market in 2010, Baidu has always been a giant in the domestic search engine market, occupying most of the domestic market. The data shows that in 2019, Baidu’s domestic market share accounted for 67.09%, followed by Sogou Search and Alibaba’s Shenma Search, accounting for 18.75% and 6.84% respectively.

But there are also many controversies surrounding Baidu, and the one that has been questioned is the bidding ranking. At the same time, domestic Internet companies have never ceased their “encirclement and suppression” of Baidu. Today’s Toutiao once launched the independent APP “Toutiao Search” after the wholly-owned acquisition of Hudong Baike, which is regarded as Baidu’s most promising competition since Google withdrew from the mainland market. The opponent is also the only entrant in the search field in the past five years. Just judging from the data of StatCounter, Toutiao search obviously lacks stamina.

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