Steam Stolen, CSGO Inventory Sold Short

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I never thought that this would happen to me. When I saw the default skin in the competition last night, I thought it was a network problem. This morning, when I saw an unknown login waiting to be confirmed in the token verification of Steam, an ominous premonition emerged. When I boarded it, I found that the inventory was empty, and I could only find a series of transaction records.

The value is limited, the lost items are minor and, most frustratingly, there is a feeling that your IQ has been insulted. Although the account can still be logged in, quickly change the password and change the bound mobile phone number, but a series of operations are just a remedy for the past, and I don’t feel any relief. Before the reason for the theft is found out, any operation may be streaking in front of the other party.

After some searching, the answer gradually emerged:

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