submarine at night

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A short comment from a netizen on Douban summed up my feelings very well:

Every piece of Chen Chuncheng’s text, even every page and paragraph, has a strange empty inspiration that pulls people into a state that is both real and illusory. The nuanced words hide long-term emotions, mobilizing my memory and touch. Every time I read it, I always sigh for half a day.

This is a collection of short stories, which includes 9 novels by Chen Chuncheng. The first page of the book hooked me, and it did not disappoint me after reading it. Some people who have come here say that there are many shadows of everyone in this book, and there are traces of imitation. Maybe I will have the same emotion when my experience comes up, but for me at the moment, the shock and joy this book brings is undoubtedly true. of.

A few of my favorites are: Bamboo Peak Temple, Musicians, Submarines at Night, and Li Yin’s Lake. “Zhufeng Temple” really came into my heart, because my hometown also went through the process of “I heard that it was going to be demolished, but I didn’t want to demolish it. I feel the same way about the “fixed number” and “fulcrum” described in it. The story setting of “Musician” is very good, it reminds me of “Other People’s Lives” (the mainstream translation is “Eavesdropping Storm”, I really don’t like this translation), it describes the totalitarian period of the Soviet Union, when the song is about to be reviewed, The saxophone is even more strictly forbidden, and the story of an old man who is both an auditor and a composer after his retirement. It is still full of imaginative descriptions, such as the concert hall “Whale Hall” hidden in the body of the blue whale, and the “Ruizhu Palace” located inside the bud. The story structure is also richer and more complete. The settings of several other articles are also very interesting, such as “Cut Clouds”: During the inspection of the leaders, the shape of the clouds was a little messy and was criticized by the leaders, so there was a department called “Cloud Pruning Station”, which was responsible for pruning all the clouds. into an oval shape of the specified size. You can even print ads on the cloud.

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