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Hong Kong dollars to mainland credit cards

Original link: https://retire50blog.wang/invest/%E6%B8%AF%E5%B8%81%E8%BF%98%E5%86%85%E5%9C%B0%E4%BF%A1% E7%94%A8%E5%8D%A1.html I made an actual measurement and used Hang Seng Hong Kong’s Hong Kong dollar ATM card to repay the domestic Jiangsu Bank credit card. The Hang Seng cash withdrawal card debits HKD 10.74, and the domestic Jiangsu Bank credit card debits RMB 10. The specific operation method is: 1. Bind the […]

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Universal Life of Industrial Bank

Original link: https://retire50blog.wang/invest/%E5%85%B4%E4%B8%9A%E9%93%B6%E8%A1%8C%E5%AF%B0%E5%AE%87% E4%BA%BA%E7%94%9F%E5%8D%A1.html Industrial Bank has a good debit card called Universal Life. Through this card, foreign exchange can be purchased at the best domestic exchange rate (better than the four major banks), and remitted to Hong Kong HSBC (confirmed) and Nanyang (not verified) without fees and damages. 1. Card rights: Free handling fees

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Transfer to Ping An Securities

Original link: https://retire50blog.wang/invest/%E8%BD%AC%E6%88%B7%E5%B9%B3%E5%AE%89%E8%AF%81%E5%88%B8. html For stocks, Ping An Securities is a good choice, why? The stocks are placed in other brokerages, and at most 10 market quotes, stock selection radar and other garbage things will be given away. The stock is placed in Ping An, and the bank-securities are bound to Ping An Bank, so

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Apply for Hang Seng Hong Kong Credit Card from Mainland China

Original link: https://retire50blog.wang/invest/%E5%86%85%E5%9C%B0%E7%94%B3%E8%AF%B7%E6%81%92%E7%94%9F% E9%A6%99%E6%B8%AF%E4%BF%A1%E7%94%A8%E5%8D%A1.html If you apply for a Hang Seng Hong Kong credit card in the mainland, you can only fill in the Hong Kong address in the online banking, and you cannot apply. You cannot click on it in the app at all, and you cannot apply. I found that I can call

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Ifastgb and fsm sg, fsm hk internal transfer

Original link: https://retire50blog.wang/invest/ifastgb%E5%92%8Cfsm-sg%E3%80%81fsm-hk%E5%86%85%E8%BD%AC.html ifastgb, the official website https://ift.tt/JxAFiLr, is a bank opened by Yifeng Group in the Bank of England. It has deposit insurance, provides personal iban for multi-currency accounts in the UK, and supports cash withdrawals on digital currency exchanges. fsm hk, the official website https://ift.tt/rX3mJyB, is the investment account of Yifeng Group in

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Original link: https://retire50blog.wang/invest/ocbc.html OCBC, Overseas Chinese Bank of Singapore, can now open an account online for mainland passports. Open an account with an Apple mobile phone to download the app, and the whole process is a fool’s operation. Be careful not to use Android, as long as the third-party apk is installed on Android, ocbc

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Summary for the first half of 2023

Original link: https://retire50blog.wang/invest/acc/2023%E5%B9%B4%E4%B8%8A%E5%8D%8A%E5%B9%B4%E6%80%BB%E7%BB %93.html The first half is over and the yield curve is flat. There is a high point of 8%, which is a new high in history and a new high in cumulative profit, breaking through 30 million again. But I didn’t write an article to make a record at that time. On

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E Fund VIP

Original link: https://retire50blog.wang/invest/%E6%98%93%E6%96%B9%E8%BE%BEvip.html I heard that if I bought E Fund’s fund, I have the opportunity to become their VIP, and VIP has some benefits. The query method is to download the official app of E Fund, and check the “My” tab after registration and login. If you see the vip label in the picture

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Hong Kong Monetary Fund

Original link: https://retire50blog.wang/invest/%E9%A6%99%E6%B8%AF%E8%B4%A7%E5%B8%81%E5%9F%BA%E9%87%91. html A few days ago, I wrote an article “Cash Financial Management Alternatives”, which missed a very good choice, which is Hong Kong’s monetary fund. 1. Yield rate I still remember that when Yu’e Bao had a rate of return of 4% or 5%, it was really delicious. Zeng Jin is a

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132018 Supplement 7

Original link: https://retire50blog.wang/invest/acc/132018%E8%A1%A5%E5%85%857.html The last article was written at the end of April. At that time, the premium rate was 4%+. Unexpectedly, only half a month later, the premium rate came down. In the past two days, I have converted all my holdings into convertible bonds, and the switching premium rate is 0.746%. There may

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Can’t afford it

Original link: https://retire50blog.wang/invest/%E5%90%83%E4%B8%8D%E8%B5%B7%E4%BA%86.html By the way, it’s the day when Buffett holds a shareholders’ meeting. Every time this happens, I will think of see’s candy. I forgot what year it was. When I was watching the shareholders meeting, I saw two old men eating chewing gum while talking. I was so greedy, so I went

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132018 Supplement 6

Original link: https://retire50blog.wang/invest/132018%E8%A1%A5%E5%85%856.html The two additional issuances of JCET have ended. The first additional issue was issued to major shareholders Yuneng Investment and Sichuan Energy Investment, and the second additional issue was issued to unspecified financial institutions. Before I thought that the conversion price needed to be adjusted for additional issuance, see “132018 Supplement 2”,

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make some notes

Original link: https://retire50blog.wang/invest/acc/%E5%81%9A%E4%BA%9B%E8%AE%B0%E5%BD%95.html Some transactions today, make some notes. This should be the biggest transaction so far this year, involving the adjustment of the shareholding ratio. First, a part of the 300 index was replaced by CYPC’s original 300 and CYPC each accounting for about 30%. Now CYPC accounts for 40% and 300 accounts for

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