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Original link: Most of life is unsatisfactory. Obsession will only punish yourself, let go to reconcile with yourself This article is transferred from: This site is only for collection, and the copyright belongs to the original author.

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happy chop hand festival

Original link: String rhyme machine, the sound is super good! Longhorn flat head plug they are a good match Aiba Suo small tail, the sound can be, value Eco-bottles that are very convenient to change the water, small crabs and shrimps are not in the picture Happy Handchopping Day! This article is reproduced from:

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corner of my childhood

Original link: A set of figures, a set of silver coins, all Pokemon Nice, does anyone know what the set of books behind it is? You know your age. This article is reprinted from: This site is for inclusion only, and the copyright belongs to the original author.

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The influence of a good partner

Original link: A partner can greatly affect the situation of the whole family On Sundays, my wife educates her children when she is free, and I see that she is so dedicated to the family. After overtime, I listened to her to brush the toilet, clean the toilet, and share her labor. I see

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contradictory policies

Original link: I read a news before saying that the number of marriages had fallen off a cliff, and the state department held an emergency meeting to discuss countermeasures. The population problem has become such a serious problem. And today I’m still working overtime on the endless 996, Fubao. The state department has been

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Lyrics Look America

Original link: Is it because as many videos have seen, Americans like to drink alcohol, take drugs, have a bad temper, and hurt their families Several of Brian Mcffeden’s songs have similar lyrics At least in China, there are more rational people This article is reprinted from: This site is for inclusion only,

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Don’t envy the pioneers

Original link: Everyone starts to shine at some point in their life Some people start to shine when they are in their 10s, some people have to work, and some people don’t have the opportunity until middle age. Don’t be particularly envious of people who live a good life early, everyone has their own

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The Philosophy of the Wealthy

Original link: Recently, I suddenly realized a philosophical truth. Why are the rich easier to make money than the poor? Because the rich themselves have money, but their population is only 1%, and from the philosophical truth of commodity prices, it can be seen from the philosophical principle of commodity prices that the rare

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Hengqin Star Music

Original link: Today’s good parent-child activity, go to Hengqin Star Music I got up at 10 in the morning, dawdled, took the bus for two hours to arrive, and just had lunch at the gate of the park I bought a ticket to enter the park on WeChat and played with my son for

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Moon Festival

Original link: Another Mid-Autumn Festival in Zhuhai, I have 3 Mid-Autumn Festivals that I haven’t celebrated in my hometown When I was a child, I was very happy during the festivals. My cousins ​​and aunts gathered together to eat, drink and admire the moon. From the roof of the third floor of my grandfather’s

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Play the game Warcraft

Original link: Recently I came back to play Warcraft again, I mainly play the battle mode And I only use orcs, fight humans, and focus on fighting one tribe well This game of Warcraft is really good, and basically all the elements of fighting games are there. Include the following: 1. Soldiers have blood

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