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I don’t use NAS anymore

Original link: I used to like to toss with these hardwares, use NAS, do soft routing tossing OpenWRT, AdGuard Home, DDNS, etc., and even use All in One’s HomeLab to achieve all functions with virtualization. But in the past few years, the idle fish have come out one after another. With NAS, it was …

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Schizophrenia and masochism in support of nuclear war

Original link: There are many people with schizophrenia in the world. For example, in the “Emperor’s expedition, no grass grows”, these “patriotic” teenagers crossed the thick Great Firewall with the routes deliberately degraded by the operators, and took the risk of being drunk, and went to the blocked website. revolution. Makes people laugh. The …

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got windy?

Original link: It has been windy in Shenzhen in recent days, and it has rained today, which makes people feel that “one autumn rain and one coolness”. Usually during this season, few typhoons hit. This time, “Nigg”, not only came at a strange time, but also had a strange name. After the conference, I …

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Kingdom of Heaven

Original link: Kingdom of Heaven is a movie that is very different from history. It mainly tells the story of Berian leading the remnants of the kingdom of Jerusalem to defend Jerusalem and resist Saladin. Apart from the motivation of religious fanaticism leading to hatred of infidels, I really can’t think of why the …

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expensive and cheap

Original link: Today, a friend posted a photo of the MX-5 in the group, which is very beautiful and sexy. Seeing the MX-5 reminded me of Han Han’s “Flying Like a Teenager” many years ago. This car was mentioned in the book, and I was deeply impressed: “And we often see a beautiful woman …

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Domestic and imported milk

Original link: Because of the deep impression of the melamine incident many years ago, in addition to those big-headed dolls, the Guo Li case also made people angry. Therefore, after the baby was born, she never drank domestic milk powder and chose imported organic milk powder. Now that the baby is more than three …

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Original link: Today, the global media has seen that scene, and no one knows what happened. But anyway, not decent. Will the “Brezhnev stagnation” come? This article is reprinted from: This site is for inclusion only, and the copyright belongs to the original author.

Solve the problem that the ciphertext (blowfish_secret) in the phpMyAdmin configuration file is too short

Original link: This question is very strange. If you installed phpMyAdmin using the oneinstack script, you will be prompted for this after logging in. But when you go to phpMyAdmin’s configuration file, you will find that $cfg[‘blowfish_secret’] is defined, but it is still quite long. So you search for why. However, it is …

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