Python for Modules configuration

Original link: https://lisz.me/tech/webmaster/modules-python.html foreword In recent years, thanks to its lightweight, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, third-party support and many libraries, the Python language has been widely used in research and project development related to machine learning. In academia, there are all-round machine learning libraries represented by Scikit-Learn ; in the industry, there are production-level machine learning

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OpenVPN for LDAP integration

Original link: https://lisz.me/tech/webmaster/ldap-openvpn.html foreword Easy Connect Companies, schools, cloud services, etc. generally need to separate the internal and external networks. If you want to access some internal applications from the external network, you usually need to use private network access services provided by companies, schools, and cloud services. Domestic companies and schools commonly use Easy

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Squid for LDAP Integration

Original link: https://lisz.me/tech/webmaster/ldap-squid.html foreword Squid cache, referred to as Squid, is a high-performance proxy cache software. Squid itself supports multiple protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and SSH, and uses a separate, non-modular, I/O-driven process to handle all client requests, thus providing the function of active cache acceleration . In addition, Squid can also provide the

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Intranet HTTPS trusted certificate

Original link: https://lisz.me/tech/webmaster/ca-ssl.html foreword The Necessity of HTTPS for Intranet The development team or the company generally adopts measures such as internal and external network isolation and Internet behavior filtering to more reliably ensure that the internal device cannot be detected by the external network, so it may be considered that the HTTP internal website

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Dokuwiki articles on LDAP integration

Original link: https://lisz.me/tech/webmaster/ldap-dokuwiki.html foreword The development of encyclopedia When it comes to encyclopedia, the most famous in the world is WikiPedia , and the most famous in China is Baidu Encyclopedia . Of course, there are some differences between the two. WikiPedia supports multiple languages ​​and can be edited freely, but generally requires the necessary

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Apache chapter of LDAP integration

Original link: https://lisz.me/tech/webmaster/ldap-apache.html foreword Apache Apache HTTP server, as one of several popular HTTP servers today, occupies almost half of the country. Compared with the well-known Nginx (now acquired by F1) and Microsoft’s IIS, Apache has better modular support, whether it is from a server-side programming language or an authentication scheme. Apache supports common server-side

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GPG: Add a lock to your Git commits

Original link: https://lisz.me/tech/webmaster/gpg.html foreword GPG, the full name of GNU Privacy Guard, can also be written as GnuPG. It is a free and open source encryption software, and a substitute for PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), which is not open source and not free. For details, please refer to the reference materials. Since GPG can be

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