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Digital nomad pioneer Pieter Levels predicted in 2015 that by 2035, the number of digital nomads in the world will reach 1 billion, and the development process of digital nomads will usher in the fourth wave:

– The first wave: the era of Internet development (2007-2013)
– The Second Wave: Digital Nomads Become a Trend (2014-2020)
– The third wave: the telecommuting model under the impact of the global epidemic (2021+)
– The fourth wave: multi-urban migration lifestyle (2027+)

Since 2021, telecommuting has gradually become mainstream in high-income regions such as the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. People can choose their living towns more freely as a direct consequence of telecommuting.

The term “digital nomad” has become less important, and the trend we will see is that people will have a “central residence Hub” and then move between multiple cities according to their preferences (take me as an example, Lisbon is my base camp, traveling in other European countries every month). Different places will meet the needs of remote workers for different niche markets and subcultures. For example, if you like football, you can live in the birthplace of football; if you like anime, you can go to Japan; if you like yoga and meditation, you can go to Bali…

According to Nomadlist, the most popular website for digital nomads, the common characteristics of digital nomads are:

– Male digital gamers are generally night owls + fitness nuts; female digital gamers are early birds + focus on spiritual growth
– The average age is concentrated around 30 years old
– The most common jobs for men are Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Web Development; the most common jobs for women are Creative, Marketing, and Entrepreneur

Here are some common digital nomad tools and service sites that I have summarized for your reference:
– Nomad List: A ranking and information collection of cities where digital nomads live
– Working Nomads: Telecommuting job site
– Teleport: Compare global cities to choose suitable livable places
– TripIt: Trip planning website
– Workfrom: Remote Workplace Guide
– Numbeo: Calculate the cost of living in a city
– Where Can I Live: Migration City Information Encyclopedia
– Visa List: Digital Nomad Visa Encyclopedia
– Remote Year: Long and short-term travel group for digital nomads
– LiquidSpace: shared office space
– Safety Wing: Health Insurance for Digital Nomads
– Rebase: Portugal Digital Nomad Visa Service
– Bali Digital Nomad Visa:

Risks to consider when choosing to live as a digital nomad:

– Loneliness: If you don’t know how to make friends while traveling, life as a digital nomad can leave you feeling isolated and even cause an identity and existential crisis.

– Moving costs: Changing locations frequently takes time, energy and money.

– Cultural differences: Digital nomads need to adapt to new cultures and ways of life, which may require some adaptation time and effort.

– Financial risk: Digital nomads are often independent freelancers who are constantly looking for new job opportunities.

– Health risks: Sitting at a computer for long periods of time and traveling frequently can lead to health problems such as muscle pain, vision problems and psychological stress.

For more articles about digital nomads, you can search for the keyword “digital nomads” in the official account, or join my knowledge community CY CIRCLE , and click on the column to read.

video recommendation

This week I added an old movie “Hemingway and Gellhorn”. I can’t help feeling how happy it is to find a soulmate who is both an enemy and a friend in life. They complement each other and compete with each other. Although they can’t go on for a long time, meeting and getting to know each other is enough.

After watching the movie, I played “Drink Before the War” by Sinéad O’Connor for a long time. Sinéad conveys a strong emotion of war and violence with a unique and infectious voice. I recalled that my childhood dream was to become a war correspondent. A large part of the reason was the influence of Hemingway’s biography, and I yearned for the life of a writer who could roam freely after the adrenaline surged in the battle. It is only now that I realize that history has selectively ignored the portrayal of the woman behind him, and has also glorified the stupidity and tragedy of violence and war. In fact, the profession of war reporter should not exist.

Finally, share a passage of Hemingway’s acceptance speech after winning the Nobel Prize in Literature. In fact, he did not go to Sweden to accept the award after winning the award. On the one hand, he believed that Carl Sandberg and Bernard Berenson were more qualified to win the award than him; recovering from a plane crash. He commissioned the then US ambassador to Sweden to read his Nobel speech.

“Writing, at its best, is a solitary life. Writer agencies and organizations can help a writer with loneliness, but they do little to help a writer improve. When a writer escapes loneliness, his public status There will be improvement, but the level of writing will decline. Because the writer needs to do his work alone, if he is good enough, he must face eternal loneliness every day.

For a true writer, each book should be a fresh start. He needs to try again for the unsurpassable achievement. He should always try something that has never been done, or that others have tried and failed. With any luck, he will succeed.

How easy it would be to create literature if you only needed to write what you already wrote in another way! It is precisely because we have had so many great writers in the past that writers today are homeless and isolated.

I say too much as a writer. A writer should write what he wants to say, not say it with his mouth. thank you all! “

​Extraordinary talent

Asimov is one of my writing emulation objects. This prolific master wrote more than 500 books in his life, from novels known as classic science fiction novels to commentaries on literary classics; Guides, to gags of doggerel… On top of that, he wrote more than 90,000 letters and 1,600 essays in his spare time.

Where I resonate with Asimov:
– They are all bookworms
– Immigrants without a sense of identity
– Outsiders who always feel out of place with their surroundings
– Parents are so busy that they need to be independent since childhood
– Has a restless mind and is super interested in everything
– You can get good grades with little effort
– A high degree of autonomy to the point of not being able to work for others

Although Asimov had to stay in the academic circle to get a Ph.D. and do some disliked research and work due to his livelihood, the universe somehow prevented him from realizing the path he had planned for himself. Asimov concluded in his later years: “I always believed that I would succeed, but I didn’t expect the way of success to be this way.”

Recently recommended by a friend, I did a lot of metaphysics tests ( Human Design & Gene Key ), combined with dozens of different psychological personality tests and horoscopes, I found that I should cultivate the ability to respond to the signals sent by the universe, and It’s not that you choose to ignore it because you can’t make a scientific explanation, or you are stubborn and self-righteous to arrange everything.

Art creation is a signal that has surrounded me since I was a child, but I have rejected it countless times. It was not until the sudden epidemic disrupted all my plans and arrangements that I began to hear the call from my heart in the tranquility of being alone. Like Asimov, although we have to make some sacrifices to make ends meet, we should not completely abandon our natural talents and responsibilities. Remember that Beauty awakens the soul to act, only creation and action from the heart can bring light to the lives of oneself and others.

People always need a role model to follow on the road of growth, and my current role model is Aubrey Marcus .

Aubrey Marcus is an established entrepreneur, author and podcast host whose startups focus on supplements, fitness equipment and personal care products, and where he explores topics of wellness, personal growth and spirituality.

Recently, a big V who has recently followed me seems to have suddenly awakened my calling, because I have been interested in mysterious and experiential things since I was a child, and I have a lot of spiritual experiences, and I have the courage to try a series of things that others dare not touch or They are animals, plants and chemicals that die when you touch them. They used to be trapped by traditional education and conservative social norms, worried about being regarded as different, and afraid of standing out from the crowd. Now we are at a new stage where many conscious people like me are no longer alone.

Just like Aubrey, too many people are puzzled by his transformation in the past two years. How did he suddenly turn from a young and promising entrepreneur into a master of ayahuasca? But someone has to take this step to let the general public see the real world, connect with their true selves, and release their potential.

The universe is so big, we now understand that things are just a drop in the ocean, and people must have the courage and responsibility to undertake the obligations they should fulfill in this life.

If not you, who else?

A week of miscellaneous thoughts

1. Today I went to visit a five-star massage parlor. The masseur looks exactly the same as Jorginho, it’s not bad! He has been a yoga and meditation teacher for more than 20 years. He used to go to the Amazon jungle for an Ayuhuasca trip every month for two years ( the information I got after trying it once has not been digested for half a year ), no wonder he felt like him when I met him. The energy is incredible (maybe also related to the appearance).

I found that the “human appearance” that appeared in my life also changed according to my heart. When I am in a good mood and my energy is maintained in a high-frequency and stable state, I gradually meet more like-minded people. Just like when I returned to Europe from a serious illness in Asia, my body recovered, and I was nourished by the sunshine and waves of Lisbon, and then I met a group of friends who could accompany me crazy, and I also met the long-lost crush.

The way of life is to find an energy field that can nourish oneself. Whether it is making friends or choosing an environment, try boldly, and then listen carefully to your inner feelings. There will always be a day when you find a balanced state.

2. Mind cultivation is the same as fitness, haste makes waste.

When the strength of mind and body has not reached a certain level, but you have to do things beyond your own ability, you will be easily injured.

The meaning of Right Effort is to practice on the right path with the right method. Everyone’s state is different every moment, and we need to pay attention to the present moment and make corresponding adjustments.

At any time, you must first practice the basic skills well, and don’t rush into the crooked path for success.

3. In the mid-16th century, the artist Francisco de Holanda, born in Lisbon, Portugal, began a series of mystical paintings, which he worked on over the next thirty years, eventually publishing his book The Image of the Age of the World (De Aetatibus Mundi Imagines). During this period of perennial creation, he created his own unique artistic style and found spiritual support to explore the relationship between man and God.

Although heavily influenced by Renaissance figurative art, he also took a different approach in religious paintings, interspersing elements of geometry and astronomy, giving his artwork a futuristic air. His fascination with symmetry runs through his paintings and writings, and he sees symmetry as the perfect proof of God’s existence, which is consistent with his contemporary Galileo’s insistence: “Mathematics is the language God uses to write the universe.”

Free online works appreciation:

4. Comparing the difference between those in their 20s and those in their 30s, a significant change is that the rate of fault tolerance towards oneself continues to increase. In the past, I was very afraid of making mistakes, and I had to do everything to the extreme. Although I dared to try new things, I always had to make huge psychological preparations. I hesitated and caused many opportunities to be lost, and there was a lot of internal friction.

This year’s self-confidence seems to have reached a new height, especially during CrossFit training. Last year, I was still timid. What does it matter if I’m the best at the market?” In an environment where I got unexpected results. When you are no longer afraid of other people’s evaluation and only compete with yourself, with the blessing of time, there will always be visible and gratifying progress.

At the same time, my fault tolerance rate for new people seems to be getting lower and lower. Maybe it’s because I already have a fixed circle of friends and I don’t want to spend time getting to know new people again. Maybe it’s because I’ve developed an intuition for knowing people. After a few invitations, I never want to hang out with them again (such as suddenly releasing pigeons, and the chat is boring). After all, people have limited time and energy, and they should stay away from people and things that cannot increase their energy.

The world is big, and there will always be a wave of people who will intersect and resonate with you; the world is impermanent, so there is no need to force the length and depth of people’s existence in your life, and accept it completely.

5. My roommate “Mr. Tony” is a well-known hairdresser in Lisbon. He held a “Summer Hair Color Trend” show in a five-star hotel in the city center this week, and invited many local celebrities to watch. I also finally had the opportunity to wear a backless dress with high heels, and experience the long-lost Vanity Fair.


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