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On the night of the 21st, he told me,

She will take turns off on Qixi Festival.

I don’t want her to be alone at home,

I went to send out the set version in the morning,

I went home after 10 o’clock and set off with her to pick up the children in Qing County,

After receiving the child, I went to Cangzhou to play.

Then the nightmare started,

There are so many people,

Can’t find a parking space,

Going around in one place for a long time,

There is still a traffic jam,


Then go shopping for clothes.

There is nothing to choose,

same as before,

I have nothing to say,

Just follow the bag honestly.

At noon, I saw a newly opened store,

People say it’s full.

There are so many people on Qixi Festival.

I don’t want to go out for the holiday~~

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