Tencent cloud new customer half-price coupon recommendation 50 off when you spend 100, and 250 off when you spend 500. Half price to buy VPS servers in Hong Kong, China and the United States

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Tencent Cloud , a very good and well-known cloud server business in China. Because of its superior performance and cheap price, there are often various discounts and discounts, and even a huge discount of 0.5% off. Therefore, domestic users call it Conscience Cloud.

If you are doing a Chinese website, Tencent Cloud chooses a cloud server in China’s domestic region, and the access speed is very fast. Of course, the website needs to be filed.

If you find it troublesome to file, you can directly choose the server of Tencent Cloud Hong Kong without filing, which is very cost-effective. At the same time, the speed of access at home and abroad is very good.

Entering the topic, here is how to buy Tencent Cloud’s cloud server at half price.

Open the new customer discount collection address: Click this link -> Get a 100 yuan discount coupon: https://cloud.tencent.com/act/pro/voucherslist

Note that you can reach the coupon page directly from the link above. If you enter from the official website and want to find this new customer coupon page, I guess you won’t be able to find this page within tens of minutes.

Conditions for getting the half-price discount:

First of all, you have to be a new customer, because Tencent Cloud account registration requires real-name authentication. Through real-name authentication, Tencent Cloud knows whether you are a new user or an old user.

What if I’m not a new user but want to buy at half price?

In fact, it is also very simple. Brother Diary shared it in his previous article. Just borrow the identity of family and friends. After all, I believe that there are very few relatives and friends around you who will buy servers. At least most of the people around Brother Diary don’t understand this aspect of the website.

From the picture above, we can see that Tencent Cloud ‘s discounts are still very powerful. Next, Brother Diary will tell you how to make the most of these coupons. Let you spend less money.

First of all, according to your needs, choose to buy a server with a windows system or a server with a linux (Centos) system.

Let’s talk about the windows system server first, which is mainly used for Internet access and remote operation, so I choose a server in Hong Kong, so that the Internet access or information search on it will be the same as the local operation. If you choose another region, you may get stuck until your mood collapses.

After receiving the coupon, you will come to the server purchase page: https://ift.tt/Y9fmguw, here we do not choose quick configuration, but choose custom configuration, so that there will be more choices, and you can also More flexible to choose the appropriate configuration according to our needs:

Next select various configurations for the server:

Billing mode: select yearly and monthly;

Region: Select Hong Kong, China

Type: Choose Standard SA2 ( this is the cheapest )

CPU and memory options ( 2-core 4G ), 2-core 4G can meet the needs of most people. Because it is to open the browser and other remote 3389 operations on it, if it is 1 core 2G, it may not be enough.

Mirroring: Select Windows

Mirror version recommendation: Windows Server 2012 R2 Data Center Edition 64-bit English version

System disk selection: high-performance cloud disk. Don’t choose SSD, it’s too expensive. Unless you really need it.

Select the lowest capacity of 50G.

Finally, our choice is as follows:

If you buy for one month, then according to the configuration method of Diary Brother, the price is ¥282.5, and you can use the coupon of 100 off when you spend 200, then you only need to pay ¥182.5.

If you are buying for two months, according to the same configuration above, then the price is: ¥565

Then use the coupon of 250 off when you spend 500, then you only need to pay ¥315.


Next, let’s talk about the Centos server. The server of this system is mainly used to build a website.

The configuration is roughly the same as that of windows above, the difference is that,

The region is recommended to choose the United States , because we are making an English website for foreign users. The United States is a region with a better visiting experience.

Choose 2 cores and 2G for CPU and memory.

Select Centos 7.9 as the image, and the hard disk is 20G, as shown in the figure:

In this way, the cost is ¥64 per month. ¥64 is unable to use coupons, so we choose to buy for 4 months,

The price obtained is: ¥256

Using our 100 off coupon for purchases over 200, we only need to pay ¥156 for a ¥256 server.

Finally, to sum up, Tencent Cloud ‘s machine diary brother has been using it for many years. Great value for money. Including this blog, it is also placed in the South China region of Tencent Cloud. As for the speed, you can experience it yourself. I bought it for 70 yuan a year, and I have written related sharing before: https://www.xujiahua.com/8048.html

As for how to use the above coupons, you don’t need to configure them according to the parameters above, you can choose according to your own needs. I am just sharing here how to qualify for discount coupons by adjusting parameters, duration, etc.

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