The career of ordinary wage earners

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Smart people started planning many years ago, and they have successfully landed. The stupid me didn’t wake up until I fell into the fire pit…

The principles described in this article are very superficial, and even so, they will still be ignored by many people; I hope that the things described in this article can attract the attention of those who are destined, and pave the way for yourself before falling into the fire pit, so that those who have fallen into the fire pit can recover as soon as possible escape.


As parents, the vast majority of our generation who are born in the 50s, 60s, and 70s have been instilled in a simple and rude manner since childhood: “study hard, get into a good high school, a good university, and find a good job after graduation.” Thoughts, never explaining the logical relationship between them, and not caring what exactly we like.

At the same time, the vast majority of people in our generation don’t have any ideas of their own. Even if they have ideas, there are only a handful of people who dare to stand up to their authoritative parents in order to defend themselves—after all, this will be considered as unfilial behavior. Rebellious son, spurned by others.

These people follow the route expected by their parents and others, and become competitors with each other. Before they reach the few midpoints/end points, they fight fiercely; there are only a few winners, and the rest are losers. However, do “winners” really win in life?

stable job

We have been influenced by the thoughts of the previous generation or two for more than 20 years since we were young. Most of our generation are not only expected, but also want to find a stable job. However, we were born and grew up in a relatively mature market economy. In such a society, how can there be any stable job? !

Under the market economy, except for the jobs of the departmental institutions that affect the normal operation of the country, other jobs are severely restricted by the relationship between supply and demand—the availability and increase or decrease of those jobs are basically free to change with the market. For those controlled by the state, the state almost only plays the role of macro adjustment and strategic direction guidance.

Therefore, on the one hand, the stability of a job depends on such environmental factors as the industry, field, the length of the life cycle of the company, and which stage of its life cycle it is at the current point in time; on the other hand, it is affected by personal knowledge, skills, and salary Satisfaction, development goals and other personal factors.

The world is constantly developing and changing, and environmental factors cannot be changed no matter how hard an individual tries, this is the trend of the times; individuals can only see the trend through continuous learning, observation and thinking, and then deploy in advance and follow the trend for.

Even if you work in a department or institution that affects the normal operation of the country, with the development of technology and the application of advanced means, the stability of non-core jobs will be shaken.

degree worship

At the stage when people normally receive school education, there are two routes: general education and vocational education. The former trains academic research and management talents, who become scientists, educators, managers, etc. after graduation; the latter strives for social education. Workers on the front line.

After working for a period of time, when there is a need for career development, adult education can be used to improve the academic qualifications of the established major or obtain other professional qualifications, so as to facilitate promotion and job transfer.

Theoretically, if they can operate in a healthy manner, the above three kinds of education constitute a relatively complete and good education system, so that suitable people can work in suitable places and the labor force can be allocated reasonably.

But there is often a gap between what is and what should be, and it is very different——

In a social environment where individualistic self-awareness has not yet awakened and become the mainstream, the surroundings don’t care much about what we like, and even the vast majority of us don’t know exactly what we think about the future, so we blindly go to a good school go hard.

In order to popularize higher education, promote economic growth, and alleviate employment pressure, universities began to expand their enrollment at the end of the last century and the beginning of this century; while rapidly accumulating a talent pool, the lack of matching jobs resulted in a labor surplus.

Enterprises basically only need general higher education graduates when recruiting, especially high-tech enterprises; due to the large number of applicants for each position, in order to improve recruitment efficiency, they will first eliminate those with lower education levels during the resume screening stage.

Taking the above points as the main factors, they interact with each other, resulting in the rapid depreciation of academic qualifications—the applicant’s educational qualification requirements have changed from junior college to one, and it is estimated that the general 211, 985, and double first-class are not far away, and maybe they will not be C9 in the future , Qingbei resumption of diplomatic relations is not required.

It is the expansion of university enrollment and the worship of academic qualifications that have led to the depreciation of academic qualifications. This is a vicious circle – it needs to be regulated by the state, and people and companies must correct their concepts before it can be broken!

live but not raise

How many parents, after giving birth to a child and passing the breastfeeding period, almost ignore it, and turn to their previous generation? Some people raise their children by themselves, but they don’t educate them much in the whole process, and the effort they put in is about the same as raising a dog.

The prevalence of this phenomenon is inseparable from the fact that individualistic self-awareness has not yet awakened and become the mainstream—everyone is an independent individual. When a child becomes an adult, the parent-child relationship should be gradually separated, and they should live their own lives; Everyone is a “human being” and should be shaped into a sound personality to become a complete human being.

Compared with school education, family education is much more important. It affects the formation of children’s three views, the way of dealing with others, the understanding of wealth and making money, etc.; a person with insufficient family education is probably not a “person”, but “beast” or “slave”.

If a person has not received a good family education since he was a child, unless he has good luck and awakens individualistic self-awareness through his own efforts, he will be enslaved by the social environment and become a modern “slave”.

The misfortune brought about by the lack of family education in the previous generation is very likely to continue to the next generation. Even if the next generation will make some progress in ideology, generally speaking, it will not produce revolutionary changes;

However, as mentioned above, some people have a good fortune and will rely on their own efforts to awaken their individualistic self-awareness. They are more likely to start with themselves and enable future generations to receive a good family education.

Just like a mutated gene, these people mutate the meme in themselves, thus increasing the probability of the overall change of the social environment. Over time, it will definitely look brand new!


In the above, I pointed out several common “innate” absurd cognitions and phenomena. They are the basic problems that lead to a person’s career deviation in adulthood. I hope they can disappear as soon as possible.

Having said that, it has to be admitted that because there are bound to be differences in abilities among individuals, everything related to abilities in society will naturally form a pyramid structure—the stronger the stronger, the more powerful they will occupy the upper ranks, rule and dominate the lower classes, and plunder and possess More resources.

Work in an enterprise after graduation, and receive a pension after reaching the statutory retirement age – many people think that this is their career, which is justified; what’s more, they will take working for others as the meaning of their life…

Having thoughts like this is the result of success being enslaved by social circumstances, and I feel sad for them…

I think a person should awaken individualistic self-awareness as early as possible, and based on this, it is possible to develop a career that makes him comfortable and adapts to the times:

The career of ordinary wage earners
The career of ordinary wage earners

Here are some explanations for the above picture-

Setting instructions

The picture shows the career of an ordinary migrant worker in my imagination. The so-called “ordinary migrant worker” refers to the vast majority of people who have no resources at home, follow the normal route to study and graduate to work.

With the help of gamification ideas, levels are used to divide multiple stages, which is reflected in the form of “LV + number” on the villain; this level is not a professional ability or rank level, but a level of ideological awareness and freedom, that is to say, No matter how high the professional ability or rank is, it may only be “LV1”.

As LV0 fresh graduates who have not yet entered the society, they have been enslaved by the social environment to a certain extent. Most migrant workers will be further enslaved to LV1 or LV1′ after being exploited by their employers, becoming modern “slaves”.

When the self-awareness of individualism is gradually awakened, the career upgrade path is opened:

  • LV2——Initiated career ideals, simply ran towards it, did not consider where the end point was, and did not expect to accumulate resources;
  • LV3——After exploring the heart , the ultimate goal of the game of life was established , and after integrating with career ideals, I found my own entrepreneurial direction and business model, and accumulated resources for entrepreneurship;
  • LV4 – Entrepreneurship has achieved certain results, and wages are no longer the main source of income, completely getting rid of the modern “slave” status.

This map is based on the pursuit of living a free and happy life, which is possible for everyone.

Landing ideas

If you want to reach LV3 and above, you should not think of the employed company as your home, but as a springboard for your own business, and try your best to convert the resources of the employed company into the resources you use to start your own business.

Therefore, when looking for a job, you should strictly select the industries, fields, companies and jobs that are most effective for your entrepreneurial direction, instead of blindly choosing those with high reputation and high salary.

At work, don’t be confined to your own job content like a pure screw, but take the initiative to find out all the links in the whole process, and try to get in touch with real users as much as possible — entrepreneurship is not something an “expert” can do To succeed, you have to become a “polygon warrior” who understands the market.

When starting a business, you need to keep in mind that you start a business to live a free and happy life. After finding the right niche, don’t greedily think about expansion. Cultivate your own three-acre land well, as long as you have no worries about food and clothing, and your health and pension are guaranteed That’s fine.


This article briefly analyzes the basic reasons why I think the current careers in the popular sense tend to go wrong and fail. They turn a person into a modern “slave” and make them live like soulless walking dead and marionettes.

Based on my idea that ” everyone should awaken individualistic self-awareness and live a free and happy life “, I conceived and proposed a gamification model of “the career of ordinary migrant workers”, hoping to help those who are destined to break the situation.

As more and more people practice this, the unemployment rate should get lower and lower. At that time, there will be more small workshops, studios, and small and micro enterprises in society, which will further improve the pyramid structure of today’s society.

At the same time, the overall national happiness will be greatly improved, right?

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