The end and way out of accusing “Small Composition”

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Yesterday, a “small composition” accusing a professor of Peking University appeared briefly on the Internet. As some netizens said: the length and content of this “small composition” are too complicated, so that it is not “good for dissemination”, so it does not arouse itself. Too big waves.

It took me nearly 20 minutes to read this medium-length essay word by word, not to mention its logic and content, just because there is no corresponding evidence chain for all the facts stated in it, so I have to say that this accusation is “small” Composition”, at least from the perspective of “popular copywriting”, it is completely unqualified, so there is a “reason” that it cannot be spread.

Sad to say, when most people, including me, saw this “small composition”, they first sighed “it’s too damn long to read it.” I also gave up half the time, because I didn’t understand what the accusation essay was trying to do after reading half of it- because it tried hard to state the pain caused by the injury, but did not explain what objective facts to prove the cause of the injury. said injury.

Of course, this is the sadder side. Nowadays, when people see a “small composition”-style accusation, they express “distrust” for the first time, not because they feel sad and angry for the person involved, but a group of people who are too lazy to read are waiting for a “class representative” who can Help them summarize the central idea of ​​the “Small Composition” in the shortest way, and then refine the logical reasoning in it. Some people even bluntly suggested that writing a composition that is too long is not conducive to dissemination. It is recommended to simplify the content to highlight the key points, and write more sexual assault parts, and naturally more people will like to read it.

If you look at the pointing of this group of people from the perspective of a bystander, it is indeed a bit outrageous, but if you are also the party who is deeply affected by the “small composition”, maybe you will also hope to have a person who can summarize it. These small compositions of thousands or even tens of thousands of words make a summary, and let the reader know several important events in the fastest time: who you are, who you are accusing, and what he did to you. Just three simple questions, but in such simplified Chinese Internet game rules, they are played to a pulp.

You write less, the accusation is simple, no one will believe it, you need to provide evidence; if you show evidence, they will ridicule you again, since the evidence is so solid, why don’t you go to the police yourself, and write here; if you have no evidence , you can only suffocate and write the essay, they will think that you are not provocative enough to make them feel the same; as a result, you are writing about your own painful mental journey, and they will ridicule you who the fuck are you? , can’t you talk more about the facts and less about your fucking feelings?

Obviously, the “small composition”-style accusation article seems to have reached the “end of the road”. Its threshold is getting higher and higher, and it increasingly requires the parties to have sufficient writing ability, summary ability, copywriting ability, and even be good at using simplified language. Several commonly used conflict rendering mechanisms in Chinese networks , such as male and female confrontation, regional attacks, sexual minorities, and so on. Not only that, it was also mentioned in the “Inflation and Devaluation of Punctuation Marks” some time ago that not only the text itself, but even the punctuation marks have a very serious “involution” situation. Through the form of text, attract readers in the shortest time, and allow readers to spread spontaneously, and even become a hit in a short time of 100,000+. Without professional operation and business capabilities, it is actually difficult to achieve this. thing. Unless behind some “small compositions”, the team itself is manipulating and laying out.

Someone asked, can the accusation be published in the form of a short video? Pull it down, if you can answer “My B is too uncomfortable”, “I bought B in the live studio next door”, “Dad’s B is finally good” and “The beauty effect of this thing is really good ” as quickly as possible. What does the “B” in it stand for? You are only qualified to create on short videos – if you don’t even have the awareness of self-castration, and you want traffic, no matter how much money you spend, you won’t be able to get M!

The threshold for “small essays” is getting higher and higher. It is not caused by the social environment. It is a group of people who like to use “small essays” as a text carrier. Today, I will sue this guy and slander that person tomorrow. I will say it ten minutes ago. Half an hour after the brand insults China, it will say that the behavior makes the gender difference, and over time, it will inevitably appear that “the bad B drives out the good B”.

Before I canceled Douban, the posts of several large groups on Douban were almost crazy to the extent that if a few acronyms did not appear in a sentence, it seemed that they could not be published. Especially when it comes to celebrities, I don’t know where such a big face came from, and I don’t know where the 18th-tier artists came from. They also use abbreviations. Even if you write your full name, others don’t know which one is a jerk! After that, I saw that there are still many programs that develop “abbreviation translators”, which are used to translate the content of Douban posts with one click, and interpret the letter abbreviations closest to the original meaning through context prediction; there are even fully functional On the other hand, the “automatic abbreviation machine”, the method of self-castration is clever and consummate, and it avoids sensitive words before publishing it. Those who don’t know it think it is an espionage article.

There may be more sensitive words involved in the accusation “Small Composition”, especially those involving sexual assault, power and sex trade, and government levels. The degree of sensitivity can not be solved just by replacing a few abbreviations. While testing the ability of self-castration, it also tests the writing style of the parties involved. How to tell a story well while avoiding risks is not much easier than getting a Chinese movie with a dragon logo in order to pass the review and review it in line with the national conditions and promote positive energy.

Okay, here’s the dry stuff!

The way to complain about a small composition is to tell a good story, find the right contradiction, influence a group of idiots (cross out, this word is not suitable, it is recommended to change it to “user”) , and attract a wave of traffic.

tell a story

The key to telling a good story is not how clearly your story can be told, but what kind of “buttons” you can leave. The so-called “deduction” is the secret of the old storyteller in order to ensure that so many people will come to listen to his storytelling in the next game. If you explain everything, others will naturally know the whole picture of your story, and they will also care about how the story will develop later. The more complete the story is, the more readers will use their own values ​​to help you finish the story behind.

For example, in the Tangshan beating incident, from the very beginning, someone really stood up to accuse the argument that “the person involved is not a good woman in revealing clothes”, to overturn the whole beating fact. So the key to storytelling is that you take the reader into a situation, and you bring them into it without realizing it, and then have them, through empathy, instinctively start thinking, “Oh, what if This is my family and I will suffer too.”

So, let’s talk about the result first : what kind of harm the object of your accusation has caused you, whether it’s not eating for ten days, or staying up all night for twenty days. The more serious the consequences, the more people will care about what happened to you. Of course, there will be some kind of predictable risk in it – “Are you so fragile inside, can’t you stand this?”, so you have to be good at using contradictions to make them form cognitive oppositions themselves.

find a contradiction

In the days when “Small Composition” was popular, the contradictions between men and women, regional discrimination, foreign officials and young Han were the most commonly used by everyone. It is not impossible to use this method now, but the risk will increase and the attractiveness will decrease a lot. Although I don’t want to admit it, it’s the truth – under the same conditions, the public opinion level will decrease in the order of “men kill women”, “women kill men”, “men kill men”, and “women kill women”.

Therefore, when the event itself cannot conform to the law of public opinion level, then it is necessary to return to the most basic contradiction rule, which is also the most believed in by the Chinese – “contrast of strength and weakness” . Find the right “strong” object and use objective descriptions to magnify his strength; from the perspective of a “weak”, use subjective emotional breakdown and talk more about feelings to magnify the pain of the weak in the face of the strong.

Influence a group of users

As the name suggests, standing in the right position will naturally attract a group of people who are easy to sit in. The key to cherishing the weak is that everyone can stay warm and form a kind of cognitive strength – they don’t need a solution, they just need to be able to release negative energy while holding a group, and get the attention of others. That’s why the role of “Li Ziqi” will always exist. There is no right or wrong in her behavior, but she has found the right user group, so she can establish such a strong community rule.

Attract a wave of traffic

Generally speaking, if you really want to use a “small essay” on the Internet that you know will definitely be deleted to sue the party, it means that the person has already exhausted his skills. Because he must not be able to find the “correct” path, he can only use methods to attract everyone’s attention to seek a solution in a certain sense.

So if you really want to use this technique, I actually recommend that everyone find a “trader”. Such companies and services must exist, because from upstream to downstream, for public figures, Internet celebrities, and of course information for help, network traffic has become an indispensable “resource”. Resources” will definitely be manipulated in the hands of capital. So there must be someone to provide the corresponding service.

If you can’t find a trader, then they don’t have this “obligation” by their own strength, or @several big V bloggers who seem to be able to forward it for you. To put it harshly, they can’t be sure whether your statement is true or not, unless you can provide a certain endorsement, which is equivalent to a contractual relationship. You have to borrow their traffic, and you have to ensure that your content is true, so should you pay for something that can make the big V take advantage of others?

Finally, it is also the only “human speech” in this article today.

Don’t kneel , no matter how wronged you are, don’t kneel to them to fight for your rights and hopes, because when you kneel down, you admit that they are the masters who control your life and death, and you are the one Always accept only slaves who arrange forced obedience.

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