The influencers are gone

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The influencers are gone

On August 24, Kazuo Inamori, the “God of Management” in East Asia, passed away. Kazuo Inamori was born in an ordinary family. By skillfully integrating Yangming’s psychology with modern Western management methods, he successfully founded Kyocera and Second Telecom, two of the world’s top 500 companies. , and was ordered to save Japan Airlines from fire and water. He not only succeeded in running his own business, but also wrote a book and established a training institution to cultivate entrepreneurs. The true practice of Confucianism: virtue and meritorious deeds, three immortality. He also has great influence in the circle of Chinese entrepreneurs, and many famous entrepreneurs take him as an example.

On September 8, Queen Elizabeth II died. The Queen of England is the real person born with a golden spoon, perhaps the only person in the world who can be called a “grandfather”. The Queen is well-respected not only in the UK, but also globally. As a British citizen, she directly participated in World War II. Although there are problems such as Hong Kong and system differences between China and the UK, she has visited China many times and also enjoys a good reputation in China. The British royal family has been in constant turmoil. She is like the mother Jia of the Dream of Red Mansions, maintaining the stability of the royal family and its external image. In her later years, the queen appeared in the public eye as an amiable old lady. After her death, the Internet is even more one-sided in remembrance of her

Chinese people like Elizabeth II and Kazuo Inamori. If they insist on finding something in common between them, it is “gentleness”. Both have an altruistic spirit of service, humility, gentleness, and the key is to achieve admirable personal achievements.

The People’s Bank of China released the list of domestic systemically important banks on the 9th, with a total of 19 banks in 5 groups. This release occurred after the thunderstorm of Henan village and town banks.

14-year-old Wang Fa, a Wa boy from Lincang City, Yunnan Province, recently won the U14 men’s singles championship at the 2022 ASICS Youth Tennis Tournament in Guangdong. He used a basket to hold the racket, and was affectionately called “the boy with a basket” by netizens.


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