The iPhone 14 series sold well for the first time, Cook sighed late at night

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On September 16, the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max ushered in the first sales. Like the iPhone sales in previous years, there are also long queues in Apple Store stores across the country this year. Tens of millions of “fruit fans” are finally waiting for the Apple 14 series to go on sale.

The reporter visited the Shenzhen Apple store and found that in the “consumer electronics” winter, there are still long queues in Apple stores, and no one can enter without an appointment. Outside the Apple retail store, the “scalpers” who benefited from buying and selling mobile phones on the spot also sat around the door as in previous years.

However, many “scalpers” at the scene told reporters that although there is still a need to grab it, the price increase of the 14 series is obviously not as good as that of the 13 series. Some analysts told reporters that the overall sales of the 14 series is expected to be hard to beat the 13 series, but revenue is expected to grow due to the increased contribution from Pro. At the entrance of Yitian Holiday Plaza, as in previous years, a group of “scalpers” sat around, and in front of almost every “scalper” there were several brand new Apple 14 series mobile phones for sale. Although multiple sources said that Apple has sufficient stock this time, the reporter learned through Apple’s official website that both Pro and Pro Max are currently out of stock, and it will take 6-7 weeks to wait.

Late on the night of September 16, Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a post saying that he is very happy that customers can experience the charm of our latest products. “So excited for our customers to experience the magic of our latest products. A day like today has been years in the making — thank you to everyone that’s made it possible. ​)”.

It is worth mentioning that, before the release of the iPhone 14 series, Cook mentioned Apple’s status quo, product innovation, and Apple founder Steve Jobs in an interview.

Asked what Jobs would think about Apple today, Cook said Jobs would probably want Apple to do better.

Cook believes, “Jobs will find what he likes in Apple now, and he will say, ‘We can do better at this’. I think he will find the good and the bad. . Like all of us, we’re never really satisfied. We’re always preparing for tomorrow.”

This year marks not only the 11th anniversary of Jobs’ death, but also Cook’s 11th year at the helm of Apple. During his tenure, Cook not only led Apple to the number one position in global market value, but also produced masterpieces such as Apple Watch and AirPods. These two products have also become powerful tools for Apple’s revenue growth today.

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