The life of electronic products

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The electric toothbrush that was repaired last year went on strike again two days ago. The reason why I chose to repair at that time was because Panasonic customer service said on the phone: This model is quite expensive and it is worth repairing. 2019.6-2022.6, this is the service life of the first round of electric toothbrush priced at ¥1999 at that time, and the average cost per use is ¥1.82, if calculated according to the current Jingdong toothbrush hot list No.1 ¥6.9 for an ordinary toothbrush In less than 4 days, I need to change a new toothbrush, which is quite extravagant. Less than a year since the last repair, the second round of service life has come to an end. This is the second electric toothbrush I have used. The two-round service life of the previous Philips is very similar to that of the Panasonic, and the service life after rework has not exceeded one year. I thought that changing to a more expensive model can avoid this trouble, but now it seems that the price is only due to the touting of the function, and the service life may be limited to three years. The last time people established a clear concept of the use cycle was a Microsoft mouse purchased from From the first failure of the mouse wheel, every time I submit an after-sales service, I can exchange a new mouse back, and then use it for a year to have problems again, and then submit an after-sales replacement… After this cycle has been repeated at least twice, I started to feel a little bit I’m sorry to continue to pluck the wool, and start recommending this channel and brand combination to others. These unpleasant experiences, whether remembered or not, lead people to conclude the law of “failure as soon as the warranty period expires” for electronic products. So I paid extra attention to the biggest piece of electronics I was using, the Model 3. Last year, when the mileage reached 75,000 kilometers and the warranty period of 80,000 kilometers was almost reached, I resolutely spent ¥21,000 to purchase a 4-year 80,000-kilometer extended warranty service. It may only take one failure to get back the cost, and now I am afraid that it will not come, and I am afraid that it will mess up. As almost everyone has experienced, electronic products are generally difficult to use until the end of their life, and are often replaced by a better new generation, either into the second-hand market, or shelved to eat ashes, and even more unfortunate , It is the owner who loses interest and eats ashes. For example, my iPhone, in recent years, can be updated every year by relying on the annual renewal plan; for example, the MacBook in 2008 and the MBP in 2015 are only occasionally dug out to wipe the dust; and the D90 in 2010 has been tried The ashes of Beijing and Changchun, and now I can’t even remember where to eat the ashes. As for this Model 3, the original, current, and future plan is to drive the vehicle until the end of its life. After countless rounds of price cuts, if it is traded as a second-hand product, the negative emotional value it will bring should be far greater than the economic value. . The economic value will be lower and lower, and the negative emotional value will be higher and higher… So when I experienced it in the new Model S for 20 minutes, after returning to the Model 3, even though I realized that I returned from a “five-star hotel” to a “rough room”. “, I can only try to use the price of a new car to heal the trauma of my heart, and keep telling myself that 780,000 is really worthless… But I still can’t help but imagine that Tesla will also be “renewed every year”. year is fine. Postscript Recalling the experience of sending an electric toothbrush home for repair last year, it was no less than an urban adventure. First, under the scorching sun, I found a residential building located on the North Second Ring Road, and then the scene changed. In the corridor estimated to be only 2.2m high, the exposed low-wattage bulbs only turned on every few times. Groping around in the dim light, comforting myself all the time, this is in a building located on the second ring road of the Imperial Capital, behind every closed door, no matter whether people live there or not, no abnormal creature will suddenly appear, it is not the same as a horror game Not the same thing. When I found the “Authorized Service Store: Beijing Songdian Electric Technology Service Center”, I was still surprised: The so-called “Technical Service Center” is actually a warehouse, and it is a very primitive warehouse, as if it went back to 20 years ago Zhongguancun – probably even more dilapidated than then. The “front desk” that receives me has only one table with an old landline phone, and the style blends in with the entire warehouse. When I handed over the toothbrush for repair, I already regretted not choosing to send it. The elder brother who received me was affectionate and composed, but he should have noticed the surprise and curiosity on my expression. When I called to consult today, the other end of the phone still gave two options of sending it in person and sending it by express. I blurted out to send it over. If there was a button, I’d be hitting the send button all the way. At the same time, I haven’t forgotten to explain to the other party: this failure has not been more than one year since the last repair. In fact, I have already made a plan to abandon it if the other party is not responsible. Anyway, I have chosen Philips as the third electric toothbrush. Although his after-sales center is better decorated, I have decided to use it for three years and throw it away if it breaks.

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