The sixth phase of the Great Voyage Plan is about to set sail

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Project Description

1. ChatGPT Niche and Realization (combining foreign resources)

Taking advantage of the fact that ChatGPT can still get a share in the first year, we will integrate and sort out foreign resources to realize the ChatGPT large-resource application station or the industry’s small and beautiful Prompt Niche project and Ai painting

For example, we can quickly establish an industry community conducive to SEO through some high-quality AI discussions in China through the Ai navigation station with a relatively low threshold, with the help of mature foreign resources.

Monetization method: When the site has traffic, it can be monetized by hanging ChatGPT advertisements, alliance advertisements, aff links of major Ai sites, ChatGPT related tutorials, accounts, etc.

2, How to mine niche demand and realization from a large platform (a case of a ball)

Learn to operate a set of paid resources to mine profitable value resources and realize the realization of the model. In addition to mastering a set of methods and applying them to any paid resource station in the world, you have also mastered some of the most conventional technical capabilities for sideline business. It will be of great help to draw inferences about other cases from one instance in the later stage, to understand by analogy, and to upgrade and iteratively mutate to better gameplay. Involves nautical content server construction, program operating environment, website construction, Vue, Python crawler, database, SEO, traffic acquisition, site promotion, technology outsourcing, and resource monetization

Monetization method: Diversified value packaging is realized, and the specific operation will be elaborated

suitable for the crowd

•Activists who have urgent needs for sideline business and have time to invest

• A person with a keen sense of business information

• People who want to master some sideline routine techniques

• People who respect, recognize and support all members of <Affiliate marketing circle> sailing

• Recognize someone who understands the project and has a budget

boarding advice

In sailing, everyone will have their own rhythm, and before boarding the ship, everyone needs to know clearly what are the necessary requirements for the project and what are the bonus items

Next game suggestion:

•Have an open mind for learning, keen to receive and learn new knowledge in new fields


• It is better to have certain website building knowledge and technical ability

possible harvest

• In this voyage, you can acquire the most common basic technical ability in sideline projects.

•Learn the basic cognition about projects and the basic methods of doing side jobs, establish a correct concept of personal project selection, and improve financial and business cognition

• In this voyage, you can experience the project process from 0 to 1, and gain a sense of accomplishment and motivation from it

• In addition, it will provide more gameplay and ideas about the content of this voyage, so that you can see more possibilities

* Due to the limited space, it is impossible to cover every aspect of each game, and to teach it hand in hand, and more to provide new ideas

route map

In sailing, a standard route will be provided, hoping to help everyone understand the basic gameplay of the project from zero to one

Week 01 Fully understand the project content, goals, scenarios and cases

Week 02 In-depth understanding of the equipment, tools, content, technology, etc. to be prepared for this voyage

Start to build the system environment in the 3rd to 4th week

Week 5-6 In-depth data mining to extract valuable content

Week 7-8 Achieving Goal Mirroring

Week 09 Analyzing Value and Monetization

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