The Square Weekly (Issue 5): Temper and Body

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Looking back on this period of time, I found that devoting myself to one thing not only really made my dreams come true (most of the dreams listed in the past have never really been realized), but also a deep sense of satisfaction, which is my dream. Not achieved when pursuing several goals at the same time (such as reading, waking up early, writing). —— By Night Cat Diary

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wk5-fm1.jpg Street Shots (By DOMON )

Blog recommendation: ” Dennis ” focuses on personal growth.

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Theme: Temper or body, who is bad first?

Is it because of bad temper for a long time that leads to poor health and easy to get sick, or is it because of bad health for a long time that leads to bad temper?

It is often observed that a person with a bad temper is often not in good health, and most people who are not in good health often have a bad temper. I asked AI, and replied: The relationship between temper and physical condition is complex and interacts. (correct crap…)

I was thinking, maybe there are not so many causal relationships in the world, and strong “correlation” is often regarded as “causal relationship” by default, and even “cause” and “effect” are reversed, or even zero correlation at all is just “homophony and sameness”. . For example: what to eat to supplement what.


Badong Three Gorges Wu Gorge Long

Because of the nature of work, I often travel to the Three Gorges. After returning to China, I have traveled to the Zigui-Padang area twice, and I have recorded some beautiful scenery, which I would like to share.

(By Dorad )



1. Free Script

What we call free will is nothing more than a pre-set script in the higher dimensional world. (via @linyuxuanlin )

2. happiness

I brought my daughter to the county last night, my wife drove me and my daughter sat in the back row. My daughter said she was sleepy, so she put her head on my leg and hugged my arm and fell asleep. At this time, I am also full of happiness! (via @老张

3. Press the elevator

Life tips: If you need to go upstairs to get things temporarily, you need to wait for the elevator to go down, and you can press the elevator for more floors when you arrive. For example, I am on the 18th floor, and when I get there, click on the 22nd floor, so that when I get home and get my things, there will be an elevator. ? (via @DemoChen )

4. Sitting to pee

Recently, I have also peed sitting down, which is no more troublesome than standing up. So in turn, I was a little curious why men pee standing up?

(By kaix )

5. DIY

Daughter’s DIY work – solar windmill. (via @Mr. Hu )


6. Review

Recorded with drafts at 00:48 in the morning (can’t sleep in the middle of the night) What am I thinking? ?

  • How can I make my website richer? Wrote several todos and will implement them tomorrow
  • What are you doing on weekends? Oppenheimer? Check in for Decathlon cycling activities?
  • go out and play? Look at the air ticket price (as low as 150 to Kunming)
  • Do you want to ride your bike to work tomorrow? I haven’t ridden for a long time
  • drafts is very useful, (scenario) is different from obsidian and flomo/usememos
    Regarding the above, I will put together a review over the weekend

(via @Leon )

7. Lifetime

Going to see the uncle’s concert has reached a lifetime. (via @Elizen )


8. Personality

I turned out to be a guardian personality (ISFJ) ?‍♂️ (via @胡家小子)


9. Make money

Don’t earn money that is too hard. (via @cooolr )

wk5-zq.webp make money

look at

1. “Oppenheimer”

Christopher Nolan wrote and directed the new film “Oppenheimer”, focusing on Cillian Murphy’s “father of the atomic bomb” Robert Oppenheimer. Based on the biography of Robert Oppenheimer, American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of Robert Oppenheimer, by Kay Bird and Martin J. Sherwin, which won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize Biographical Literature Award.

To add to the articles I have read:

(via @DemoChen )

2. “Riding for this reason”

Actor Wu Lei’s personal riding video IP column. In the northern Xinjiang chapter of the second season of “Riding for This Reason”, Wu Lei will measure the vast mountains and plains of northern Xinjiang with a wheel, and experience the local cultural atmosphere…


This name is quite interesting, I also posted a similar one in the circle of friends: ride for a summer / ride into autumn / Xixi and ride down. (via @Leon )

3. “Twilight in Troubled Times”

Disney+/Nat Geo’s seven-episode limited series features “Claire” from “The Morning,” Bel Powley from “The Diary of a Teenage Girl,” Liev Schreiber, who returns after “Scavenger,” and the just-concluded “The Ipcress Files.” Joe Cole of The New York Times joins in, retelling the story of Miep Gies.
Joan Rater and Tony Phelan from “Grey’s Anatomy” will write the script for the series, and Susanna Fogel, who previously directed “Flight Attendant Crisis”, has confirmed to direct multiple episodes. This time Bel will play the protagonist Miep, while Joe will play her husband “Jan” and Liev will play Anne Frank’s father Otto Frank.
When Miep was in her twenties, she received a request from Otto, hoping to hide in her home, so as to escape the persecution of Jews by the Nazis at that time. Miep, her husband Jan, and others took up the burden without hesitation; in the next two years, they took care of eight refugees including Otto and Anne.
Although the hiding plan ended in failure in 1944, Otto kept the “Anne’s Diary” written by Anne during the hiding, and returned it to the only surviving Otto after the war, and compiled it into the most important document ever since. . After World War II, Miep and Jan established a social group to assist those who returned after the war, and worked to refute some people’s diary falsification. Miep died in Amsterdam in 2010 at the age of 100.
“More than 20,000 Dutch people helped hide Jews and others during the years when they needed to hide, and I just gladly did what I could. So did my husband. It’s nothing,” Miep once said.

look look look. (via @Elizen )

4. “Super Powers”

Adapted from the manga of the same name by Kang Cho, the play tells the story of children living in the present who hide their superpowers, and their parents who hide the painful secrets of the past, and face the great danger across generations together with superpower action heroes.

It’s such a cool show, I can’t stop watching it. (via @wananaiko )

5. “The Seventh Season of Thirteen Invitations”

The program is an in-depth documentary interview. Like the previous seasons, the seventh season will continue to maintain curiosity and exploration of the world. Writer Xu Zhiyuan has dialogues with guests from different fields, observing and understanding the world in the dialogues. While maintaining the question of spirit and thought, this season puts more emphasis on the sense of action, going out, entering a more real life and a wider world, continuing to explore the question of the times from Xu Zhiyuan’s perspective, seeking another kind of wisdom and a way out.

Dialogue with Han Hong, dialogue with Li Jingliang, unexpected harvest, completely another life, another world!

eat indigenous

1.Fuji instax 40

I recently bought a Fuji Polaroid, and was attracted by the appearance of the instax 40. Coupled with the fool’s operation, it really attracts fools. (By sly kitten )


2. Enter the pit Nintendo Switch

From the decision to enter the Nintendo Switch on August 16, 2023 to the receipt of the last express delivery on August 24, 2023, the total cost is 4777.22 yuan. To be honest, more than I expected.

(By alpacabro )


3. Computer Configuration Sheet

板U 套装:i5-13490F + 华硕小吹雪DDR5WiFi 版显卡:铭瑄瑷珈4060ti内存条:宏碁炫光星舰6000MHz DDR5固态硬盘:宏碁掠夺者GM7000 2TB散热:乔思伯CR1400 EVO ARGB 白色电源:鑫谷GM650W 冰山版机箱:玩嘉孤勇者mini 白无立柱版+ 棱镜四代七风扇

(By Vian )

4. Computer stickers

This kind of sticker looks good, but it is really difficult to put it on. It took three hours to put it on, and I started to get it. I feel that the color is lighter than I expected, and it feels good after I put it on. (via @小赵学习)


5. Racing game consoles worth tens of dollars

There are no shoulder keys, and there are not many emulators in the original system. After using the open source system, you can still play GBA by changing the key position. Later, you can solder two shoulder keys to it yourself. The cross key is not very good. Generally speaking, it is only suitable for tossing ? (via @xsinger )


6. Song PLUS DM-i

After waiting for the car for nearly 300 days, I finally mentioned the car. A few days ago, after picking up the car for one year, the novice driver drove 13,766 kilometers in his first car.

(By Xin )


1. Look like this today

Share the color of the sky, maintained by @DemoChen.


2. Open Chome new UI

Change the following two items to Enable and restart Chrome

 chrome://flags/#chrome-refresh-2023 chrome://flags/#chrome-webui-refresh-2023

(via @Xalaok )

3.k3s proxy configuration

 # /etc/rancher/k3s/registries.yaml mirrors: endpoint: - "" - "" - "" - "" - ""

(via @缘生)

4. Cheap home workstation solution: ThinkPad storage upgrade and data migration

5. Experience various versions of Windows system online

(via @odin )


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